Until 2030, Ukraine will increase the harvest and production of the main types of agricultural raw materials, which will allow the country to consolidate the status of a constantly growing producer and exporter of cereals, oilseeds and oil sunflower, while a reduction in production is expected. sugar, milk and beef, the Ukrainian Agricultural Export Association (UAEA) reported.
As the UAEA told Interfax-Ukraine on Friday, the relevant data is contained in a joint report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OECD), which compares the average annual production of the main types of agricultural products for 2018-2022 with projections in 2030.
Thus, the growth of the corn harvest in Ukraine is expected to increase from 33.99 million tons to 44.01 million tons (29.4% more), wheat – from 26.01 million tons to 35.86 million tons (37.8% more) and oilseeds – from 22.04 million tons to 26.29 million tons (19.3% more).
During the specified period, an increase in the production of vegetable oil is also expected from 6.88 million tons to 8.4 million tons (22.1% more), poultry meat – from 1, 15 million tons to 1.54 million tons (33.9% more), pork – from 0.71 million tons to 0.82 million tons (15.5% more) and fish and seafood sea ​​– from 99,000 tons to 101,000 tons (2% more).
At the same time, Ukraine is expected to reduce its milk production from 9.82 million tons to 8.93 million tons (9.1% less), sugar – from 1.38 million tons to 1, 24 million tons (10.1% less) and beef – from 0.37 million tons to 0.33 million tons (10.8% less).
“Current forecasts of international organizations almost always see Ukraine as a constantly growing producer and exporter of grains, oilseeds and sunflower oil, that is, our status as a supplier of raw materials on the global market will be strengthened”, summarized the association. .


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