Youth participation in the development process highlighted

Pakistani youth can play a vital role in the socio-economic development of the country in various fields.

This consensus emerged in a broadcast by Radio Pakistan’s news and current affairs channel on the occasion of the International Youth Day celebrated in Pakistan and around the world on Friday.

Speaking on the show, climate change activist Hania Imran said Pakistan was among the ten countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. She said recent heat waves and torrential rains around the world, including in Pakistan, can be attributed to these changes. She said if we don’t take action now, the impacts of climate change will become severe in years to come. The climate change activist said that climate change is mainly due to the increase in CO2 emissions around the world, which must be slowed down.

Highlighting the role of young people, Hania Imran said young people must be actively engaged in raising awareness about the adverse effects of climate change and how we can play our part to stop it.

She informed that she has founded an NGO named Youth Climate Activists Pakistan which has more than a hundred volunteers who play their part in spreading information on ways to protect the environment.

Hannan Ali, founding director of the National Youth Assembly, said the assembly is holding sessions on various key issues to prepare young people to deal with them. He said mock assemblies were regularly held to build confidence among members. He said that the elders of this assembly serve in important national and international institutions and that we are constantly working to prepare new leaders. He thanked the government in place for agreeing to broaden the scope of this organization to give more opportunities to young people. He said we have produced materials for young people to help them understand how a vibrant democracy and parliament works to legislate the important laws of the country.

Touqeer Ahmad and Sikandar Ali, two students from NUST University who won second place among eighty participants from fifty-three countries in a competition in California, gave details of their projects.

International Youth Day was first observed on August 12, 2000. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues affecting youth.

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