Youth group calls for Atiku’s intervention in Kano DPP crisis

A group of young politicians have called on People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar to intervene in the internal crisis looming over the party branch in Kano State.

The group, PDP Youth in Action, made the call in a letter jointly signed by its leaders in the 44 Local Government Areas of Kano State, addressed to the National Chairman of the PDP, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, in Abuja.

The acknowledgment of receipt of the letter which was also sent to the PDP National Vice President, North West, and to INEC, has been made available to the punch in Kano.

Some of the leaders included Messrs. Yusuf Sale from Ajingi, Umar Sehu from Albasu, Saminu Maikudi from Rogo, Abubakar Sani from Rimingado and Kabiru Dala.

The youngsters said it was important for Atiku to step in to resolve the crisis within the party before it affects his fortunes and chances in 2023.

According to them, Kano, being the most populous state in the country, had become the center of attraction for political gladiators, but the crisis within the DPP did not allow him to take advantage of the state.

The group said that for quite a long time, the PDP has found itself in the crossfire of political bigwigs, selfish interests and ego culminating in the current woes plaguing the party’s progress in the state.

The PDP-YIA said factional candidates circulating their pose with Atiku, with each side claiming its endorsement, had thrown confusion in the minds of PDP members, brought the party to its knees and threatened the party’s fortunes in the ‘State.

The organization said until something is urgently done to address the issue, the party will suffer a serious setback in the state.

They said it was saddening that the Kano PDP has yet to put its house in order when most parts of the country seek the PDP as a solution.

They recalled that the PDP in Kano State held two parallel congresses, one being led by Shehu Wada Sagagi, a person who would be the chairman of the PDP in the state and recognized by a court who produced Muhammad Abacha .

They added that the other congress was led by a faction of a former foreign minister,
Aminu Wali led by the electoral committee sent to run the congress from the national headquarters which produced Sadiq Wali as the standard bearer.

“This development violates the Election Law of 2022, the PDP Constitution as well as the PDP guidelines and is a recipe for disaster on the fortunes of the party in the event of continued litigation arising therefrom, as each side is now fighting for recognition. “, said the PDP-YIA.

The youngster also recalled with concern that on May 29, the candidates opposing the PDP circulated their pose with Abubakar, with each side demanding his approval.

“Another development is the recent court judgment annulling party-recognized delegates.

“This, according to the PDP family, is the handiwork of the enemies of the party and also posed dangers to the party even after the general election during post-election matters,” the organization said.

The group said the major problem faced by the PDP was the recognition of the Sagagi-led faction in Kano State by a Federal High Court in Abuja, following a complaint filed by the National Working Committee, which was suspected to be orchestrated by a mole.

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