Winning Secrets: The Complete and Unconventional Career Development Experience from GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries (GF) won the Gold award for “Excellence in Talent Management” and the Bronze awards for “Excellence in HR Team Collaboration” and “Excellence in Leadership Development at the HR Excellence Awards 2021, in Singapore.

In this interview, Jennifer Pickering, Senior Director, Global Learning and Development, GlobalFoundries (GF)explains how the organization puts its employees first and empowers them by providing them with a comprehensive and unconventional career development experience, as well as creating an inclusive work culture where they can thrive.

Q What is your organization’s winning HR strategy and what steps have you taken along the way?

At GlobalFoundries, our people are relentlessly focused on our company’s vision of changing the industry that is changing the world. The best ideas come from a diverse and inclusive team empowered to get to work.

GF is proud to employ a highly diverse, multicultural workforce around the world, harnessing the unique backgrounds and experiences of our employees and coming together to develop, design and manufacture technology solutions that power the world.

We prioritize a comprehensive, unconventional career development experience for our employees through an integrated matrix of technical, soft skills, leadership and coaching programs fueled by strong people and technology.

With a focus on talent development, we not only managed the challenges of COVID, but also took our company public in 2021! With every step, we get closer to our vision of changing the industry that is changing the world.

Q How has this strategy helped you achieve your HR priorities, and what role has management played in helping to make this initiative a reality?

Since GF recently listed on the Nasdaq (GFS), expanded globally during a pandemic, and struggled with global demand for talent, shifts in HR priorities are inevitable. The demand for talent has never been more urgent.

Through dogged determination and innovative thinking, the GF team identified unique strategies to maintain a pipeline of incoming talent and hone the skills needed to achieve business goals. Alignment between HR and the business is a constant work in progress as needs change rapidly. Our strong talent management strategy includes finding and recruiting the best talent in the world. Once hired, we focus on the growth and development of all employees through personalized individual development plans supported by a company-wide development portfolio.

Consistently partner with leaders to implement HR programs that spread GF values ​​and messages, empower and empower employees, and create an inclusive culture at GF where our employees thrive.

Q Unexpected obstacles are an integral part of executing any initiative. What were some of the obstacles you and your team encountered during the deployment, and how did you manage to overcome them?

In this volatile and uncertain world of change, disruption and unprecedented technological demands, we believe our people are the key competitive advantage and differentiator to help us succeed.

Explosive demand for our products, COVID challenges and a global battle for talent have been obstacles for many tech-focused employers. It is essential to find opportunities to be different in times of crisis. Guided by GF values, we have put the needs of our employees first by implementing flexible and remote work programs that have enabled employees to better balance the demands of work and life.

Putting people first – and together, our strong leadership commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent and hard work has enabled us to foster a strong employee development experience.

Today, we are proud to share that we have reached and surpassed several talent milestones, and finally achieved the incredible goal of becoming a publicly traded company.

Q As evidenced by the victory, this initiative has clearly produced amazing results. What was your game plan for measuring ROI? What achievements can you share with us on this front?

Talent management, leadership development and HR collaboration with the business are key strategies behind GF’s success, helping the business identify and prepare talent to accelerate our business growth. We use numerous talent dashboards and analytics to identify and address trends in the workplace. Beyond ensuring a healthy and strong succession pipeline and a strong pool of talented employees, we are focused on quickly resolving critical business issues, accelerating business results, and ensuring that our employees are committed to their work and our teams.

We frequently solicit employee feedback through periodic engagement surveys, focus groups, coffee sessions and performance reviews. Building human connections and building trust becomes even more essential for GF as we take another step towards our vision to change the world!

Q We now see HR managing portfolios that were previously seen as falling short of their job description. In your opinion, what are the top three skills and qualities of a successful CHRO today?

In a rapidly changing business environment, there is a need to:

  • Be bold, dedicated and humble in trying new solutions and initiatives to move HR and the business forward. What works today may not work tomorrow. It is important to learn how to fail quickly and continuously improve. Agility wins.
  • Communicate and align with leaders, management and stakeholders, as it is essential to develop a solid and inclusive HR strategy that meets the needs of the business. Do it together!
  • Always put people first, like leaders who put employees’ needs before their own, listen first/talk last, and look after and care for them. If you take care of your people, they will take care of the rest.

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