VIDEO Interview: Mobiquity’s Gustavo Quiroga Talks Digital Transformation, Strategy, Friction and Tech Debt Avoidance

GUEST INTERVIEW: Smoothing digital friction, avoiding tech debt and streamlining digital transformation are just some of the services Mobiquity offers, with the company’s APAC Managing Director, Gustavo Quiroga, joining iTWireTV to explain it all before exercise 23.

Gartner estimates that IT spending in Australia is expected to exceed A$109 billion this year, a 6.5% increase from 2021. However, such investments clearly require a high return on investment.

As technology and digital solutions continually mature and reach increasingly fluid levels of sophistication, it’s no surprise to see CTOs and key decision makers assessing the trials and tribulations of technology solutions enlisted in FY22 as that they assess what awaits them for FY23.

Mobiquity is a digital services consulting company part of Hexaware, thriving on the philosophy that “every immersive experience has a digital product at its heart.”

Built to eliminate friction in the customer experience, Mobiquity helps businesses design, create, and market digital products that create the experiences your customers want. He believes this will provide the differentiation you need to maximize brand gravity and, in turn, maximize the ROI of your tech stack.

Mobiquity notes that part of its mission is to remove digital friction, the company’s team of specialists focus on developing holistic digital strategies. This, in turn, helps eliminate technology debt – a cost most businesses will continue to bear without customer-centric digital strategies.

The right strategies help companies accelerate innovation and Mobiquity helps organizations get to market faster and at lower cost. Using the company’s proven digital traction model as its foundation, Mobiquity leverages human insight, data, and a technology stack of best practices, to turn friction points into sparks of innovation.

To guide its technology stack recommendations to its customers, the company has created its own EMEA and APAC technology radar that provides best practice technologies used in different engineering skills for integrated and seamless solutions.

So what makes Mobiquity different?

Gustavo Quiroga, Managing Director of Mobiquity in APAC, says that at Mobiquity “digital transformation represents a shift from product and places to experience and spaces. We look at transformation through the lens of the customer and address how we consume brand offerings. At Mobiquity, we see our role in this regard as helping organizations accelerate innovation at customer speed. »

To dive deeper into this topic, we spoke with Gus in a video interview which you can find directly below, after which is a summary of the topics we talked about, and some videos from Mobiquity on his YouTube channel.

  • Gus explains what technology debt is and how Mobiquity works with its customers to eliminate this debt through a holistic approach to digital strategy
  • Check out some examples of projects the company has worked on and some of its customers, how it has helped break down digital friction, the customer onboarding process, and the EMEA and APAC tech radar.
  • Gus also taps into his own history in the world of technology. As a former Microsoft and IBM executive, he shares memories of his first computer, how he sees Mobiquity evolving over the next two years, and what the industry might look like in the 2030s when the metaverse is supposed to be commonplace.

So watch the video above with Gus to find out more!

Here are some recent Mobiquity videos posted on its YouTube channel:

Create brand gravity

‘Making of’ Mobiquity Milestones 10th Anniversary


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