Tux changes name and expands to Los Angeles » strategy

The Montreal-based creative agency has opened its first international office in Los Angeles as part of a larger rebrand to Tux Creative House.

The new office was quietly opened earlier this year and currently has three full-time employees, bringing the agency’s total headcount to 83, when combined with its Montreal headquarters. But it will now also be the home base of Tux founder and CEO Dominic Tremblay, who says the plan had been in the works for several years but was delayed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The primary goal of the new office is to extend the agency’s reach to the West Coast while giving it a strong presence in the United States, where a third of its existing business already comes from.

TUX_LA_04“The idea is that we’ll grow the business there, but a lot of business will continue to come from Montreal,” says Tremblay. “We will be a big team with two sites. The structure will be very integrated, not separate. That’s the plan for now.

The move was ideal for the agency as LA is both a strong cultural fit and gives Tux a presence in a lucrative market focused on some of the categories where Tux thrives – lifestyle, food and technology.

“A lot of our work is around branding and branding platforms, and there’s a lot of business there. A lot of our work in the United States comes from the east coast because it was more difficult to do work on the west coast from Montreal,” says Tremblay. “In terms of the industry, there’s so much innovation on the West Coast and it’s exciting.”

The move follows a period of growth for Tux, which rebranded itself as Tux Creative House to better represent its multidisciplinary strengths. The agency added new talent to bolster its production team, hired CGI artists, and expanded its media expertise.

“Our launch in Los Angeles comes at the right time,” says Pierre-André Vigneault, partner and EVP at Tux. “We have capitalized on our growth over the past few years by investing in expertise that makes us highly effective in managing the complexity of our clients’ brand ecosystems…The US market is ripe for innovation, and we are ready like never before to deliver more creative agility and better return on dollars invested.

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