Troops blast senator for claiming US military has been “emasculated”

A Republican senator from Texas is heating up after criticizing the US military as “emasculated” in light of a new recruiting announcement.

“Holy shit,” Senator Ted Cruz said on Twitter. “Maybe an awake and emasculated military isn’t the best idea …”

He shared a TikTok video comparing what appears to be Russian military propaganda, showing hypermasculine soldiers training for ground combat and jumping from planes, and an American cartoon Army ad featuring Cape Town. Emma Malonelord, a soldier who was raised by two mothers in California, telling her story of advocating for LGBT freedoms and then enlisting in the service.

Cruz’s comments were met with contempt by many in the military and veteran community. Some criticized him for appearing to attack a female soldier even as the Defense Ministry faces a pervasive sexual assault crisis and tries to make the army more welcoming to women.

“I think it is incredibly disturbing to see a sitting US Senator publicly pushing Russian propaganda, while simultaneously degrading the service of a very real soldier,” Lt. Kait Abbott, who serves in the military. National said.

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“Cruz’s comments provided a beacon to those who might believe otherwise, and who will continue to convey the message and the belief that those who do not fit the heterosexual mold of white men are not welcome here,” a- she added. “We always see pressures for equity and equality for women, and the senator’s comments provided a bed for the misogyny in which to live and thrive. My frustration lies here: the story Every young white man’s origin is called the American Dream. Why does he get “awake” when that story doesn’t quite fit the narrative? “

Cruz replied to the backlash on social media, stating, “We have the greatest army in the world, but Dem politicians and the waking media are trying to turn them into thoughts.”

Cruz’s communications director Erin Perrine said that “the media is politicizing” the armed forces to “promote a waking agenda”.

Cruz’s office did not respond to questions from asking if the senator knew the military ads featured a real soldier and if he was planning to apologize.

“Our military should be focused on winning wars, and we endanger our national security and our military when they focus on anything else,” Perrine said in a statement to

In recent years, the military services have broadened their recruiting tactics to fill talent gaps. While combat roles actually represent a minority of jobs, there is no shortage of recruiting ads highlighting combat. Elite 75th Ranger Regiment releases new announcements almost monthly.

Cruz and other Republicans have recently made efforts to turn military issues into a cultural struggle. Last month he wrote a letter to the Pentagon criticizing the military for “having mobilized against the discourse of American citizens or in the service of left-wing political causes”.

The letter was in response to military leaders calling Fox News host Tucker Carlson for denigrating women in the military and poking fun at the Department of Defense for doing uniforms that suit them better.

Some GOP lawmakers challenged efforts to unmask extremists in the ranks after a number of veterans and serving military personnel took part in the pro-Trump mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol in January.

Major Maggie Seymour of the Marine Corps Reserve told that she thinks Cruz “knows exactly what he’s doing, bending to his base.”

“It annoys them, stoking their own fears and insecurities surrounding masculinity and heteronormativity,” Seymour told “It really plays into two threats. The obvious external threat of Russian propaganda.… But also the internal threat that comes from the idea that the very presence of women and homosexuals is a threat to the ‘masculinity’ of the army.… And then the people I wonder why women are harassed, abused or sexually killed by their military colleagues. “

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