“Transgender people have the potential to play a role in development”

RAWALPINDI: Speakers at a seminar here stressed the importance of ensuring the rights of transgender people, who they believe have the potential to play a positive and constructive role in the development of any society, according to a press release. The seminar entitled ‘Transgenders Can Play A Key Role In Society If Given Rights’ was organized by Rawalpindi Women University (RWU) with the aim of promoting the role of transgenders and sensitizing students about their rights. who actively works for the rights of her community informed the participants of the challenges that this particular community faces and their engagements in different segments of society.With determination and dedication, she overcame these challenges and is now actively working for the rights of her gender.Sharife informs participants that after a long struggle when she joined the police department, her family and friends began to accept her, thereby encouraging other members of the community to follow suit to live a respectable life. She particularly highlighted the laws that have been enacted by the government to protect the rights of this community, however lamented that there was still a long way to go to change the mindset of the masses towards transgender people. who don’t accept us as normal human beings,” Reem remarked. Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion, Head of Mass Communication Department Dr Asma while appreciating Reem’s confidence said Rawalpindi Women’s University will welcome transgender students so that they receive an education in the institution. She said RWU would never take offense at taking transgender students.

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