The LEGO Group plans to rebuild a new manufacturing facility at VA-07

It’s not just children’s play – the new facility ushers in a new billion-dollar project in Chesterfield County.

For every person on planet Earth, there are approximately 80 LEGO bricks. Before long, the popular toy brand will be rooting locally – or should we say blocks?

The toy – transcending childhood and even appropriating primetime reality TV – will be made right here in Virginia. It’s not just the Commonwealth’s only LEGO manufacturer. It’s the only one in the United States.

Founded in Billund, Denmark in 1932, the family-owned LEGO Group now sells toys in over 130 countries. It’s apparently a good time for expansion too. The several billion dollars the industry received 27% more revenue in 2021 compared to 2020 while simultaneously increasing 22% consumer sales.

The company will invest more than $1 billion in the project, which will be built in Meadowville Technology Park. These funds will be used to build a 1.7 million square foot precision manufacturing facility with more than 1,760 new jobs up for grabs. The establishment plans to open in 2025.

As the idea of ​​bringing the LEGO builder to Virginia was born Last year when Democratic Governor Ralph Northam was in office, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin made the official announcement.

“The LEGO Group’s decision to locate its US manufacturing facility in Virginia shines a spotlight on the benefits that make the Commonwealth the best shopping location in the country, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership with this company. emblematic company, Youngkin said in a Press release. “This transformational project will create more than 1,760 jobs and strengthen Virginia’s manufacturing industry, which continues its renaissance thanks to major investments from high-calibre business partners like the LEGO Group. Thank you to the leaders of the Senate and the House for their partnership with our team in this process. »

A Democratic Congresswoman from Virginia is also a fan of building her community – literally! On June 15, Rep. Abigail Spanberger (VA-07) announcement that the LEGO manufacturing plant would come to his district.

“This is great news for Chesterfield and all of Virginia! LEGO is making a major investment in our community that will bring new jobs to our community and strengthen our manufacturing industry,” Spanberger said on social media. “As we all know, Virginia is the best place to work, play and start a business!”

A pro-business woman

It’s certainly not the only company to come to town while Spanberger was in power. One of the many new businesses the first woman to ever serve in District 7 took on during her tenure was SimpliSafe, a home security manufacturer that has invested over $3 million to expand its operations in Henrico County. Within five years of the 2021 announcement, the company expects to increase the total number of job creations in the region to over 800.

Spanberger’s office also helped existing businesses in his district. In April, his office helped a small trucking company get a $150,000 loan. His team also helped secure a half a million dollar increase in pandemic loans for Rush Hour Live Escape Gameswhich not only helped the company survive, but also set in motion plans for expansion.

When Spanberger ran for re-election in 2020, the United States Chamber of Commerce – the world’s largest business federation – approved the representative.

“The House endorses pro-business leaders in Congress and strongly supports policies that advance economic growth, help create jobs, and promote fiscal responsibility,” read part of the House endorsement.

Endorsement went on to say, “In these challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of having leaders who understand the genius of the American system of government and free enterprise and who are prepared to tackle the difficult issues facing our nation faces. Your continued leadership in Congress will benefit the nation as we fight the coronavirus, work to restore economic growth, and expand opportunity for all Americans.

The American Chamber of Commerce has also approved Rep. Elaine Luria (VA-02) at the same time. Luria is a Democrat sitting in the majority of the House of Representatives. The Washington Post reported that in the past, the trade organization leaned heavily toward Republicans.

Currently vying to defend his congressional seat this year, Spanberger is up for reelection in November. Among the slew of issues important to the incumbent include supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in the 7th District, as well as bolstering workforce training and apprenticeships, she said. website.

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