Temtem creators discuss development history and plans for the future of the MMORPG

Spanish developer Crema’s monster-collecting MMORPG Temtem is a dynamic social plug pokemonpopular formula. With a monster pool and elemental grid that prioritizes quality over quantity, and a combat system that completely eschews chance for pure strategy, Temtem is its own beast. The game has evolved considerably since its early access debut in January 2020, and from what Crema has to say, the game has a bright future as well.

Game Rant spoke with Crema Community Manager Lucia Prieto and Temtem game director Guillermo Andrades about Temtememphasizes diversity and inclusive representation, as well as the development challenges the team has faced and its roadmap for new content. Crema’s focus on accessibility and improvement plans Temtem’s the competitive scene in the near future seems like a smart design choice for the monster-collecting MMORPG.


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The soft evolution of Temtem

Temtem has changed significantly since its launch in Early Access. According to Pietro, the most significant changes to Temtem make the game more open to a variety of players.

“The game has become a more accessible and easier experience. Our original idea was much more hardcore, but player feedback has changed our habits.”

Crema communicates with players via a dedicated forum, in addition to chatting on Discord. Such user input is invaluable in refining Early Access builds, and in TemtemIn Google’s case, player requests for an easier experience can help the game stand out in a crowded market. MMORPGs are almost uniformly associated with time commitments and achievement Temtem easier to enjoy may help the title stand out in a sea of ​​MMOs and long open-world games.

Pietro also noted that the game has become more social, with the gradual addition of Clubs – Temtemversion of a guild system – and the player’s chat. Communication and player-run organizations are a natural part of the monster-collecting game formula, and done right, they can be more valuable than a Temtem animated adaptation.

The Huge Challenges of MMO Development

While fine-tuning combat and generating content are constant challenges, Andrades thinks the biggest development challenge Crema faces Temtem this is the “massive” aspect of the MMORPG.

“Overall, I think the biggest challenges have been related to the huge number of users we have and everything you need to do to manage that, including user support, community management , weighing expectations, receiving feedback, managing toxicity, etc.”

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It follows that the main challenge in building an MMO would be the player base, especially for a smaller, younger studio like Crema. The implementation of cross-play and cross-progression across all TemtemPlatforming is impressive, especially from an independent developer, and even AAA developers struggle with community management, as players would rather grieve than cooperate. Online Pokémon battlers can be particularly vicious; a trend that Crema hopes to avoid.

Another challenge Crema faced was the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which sent Spain into lockdown just months after the launch of Early Access. Prieto said “we weren’t ready for all the implications of working from home at the time.” The result was a date-filled development roadmap that set the team back months. Fortunately, Crema didn’t have to give up development altogether.

Eyes on the endgame

The culmination of most MMORPG experiences is the endgame; where near-limited level players compete for the highest honors. Andrades said Crema is currently reviewing Temtemcompetitive matchmaking system. Additionally, it adds a new “Showdown” mode that allows players to “participate on a competitive scale without spending time grinding and practicing for their team.” While Andrades didn’t mention anything about endgame prizes, a new mode allowing for fast-paced action and experimentation is a new addition to a genre traditionally built around grinding.

Andrades said Crema recently held a position dedicated to Temtemin the competitive scene of and is currently working on establishing a championship series. The series will feature multiple tournaments throughout the year, although no launch date for the first series has been given.

Temtem is available now for PC, PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S.

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