SSID Group Announces New System Development Methodology Project


it will benefit many organizations around the world by reducing project failures, development costs, security vulnerabilities and other issues

There are two issues that have been a serious problem for many years related to systems development, the failures of systems development projects and the increasing number of security breaches. For decades, research organizations have compiled and published statistics and other information on these issues. Many of these research studies reported a list of causes with suggested solutions to help alleviate the problems. “However, system development projects continue to fail,” said Gary Harris, Ed.S, managing director, “and the number and severity of security breaches continue to increase.” The same causes identified in these research reports come up year after year. Many years of research and development effort have gone into investigating these issues. SSID Group suggests that the recurring causes and growing number of security vulnerabilities are due to inadequate system development methodologies.

SSID Group’s solution to these problems is the development of the Dynamic Secure Systems Engineering Methodology (DS2EM). The new development methodology will feature several elements designed to reduce or eliminate problems encountered in previous development projects. DS2EM will embrace simplicity, common sense, and strong, flexible processes. Additionally, it will have security and risk mitigation features built into the methodology to significantly reduce security vulnerabilities.

SSID Group will not seek funding for the project. The project will be self-funded. “If the project isn’t successful, it’s on us and we won’t give up,” said Gary Harris, Ed.S, general manager. “However, if the methodology is successful, it will benefit many organizations around the world by reducing project failures, development costs, security breaches and other issues.” SSID Group will market one of its business assets to fund the project – the domain name of a multi-billion dollar global industry.

When finished, publish the DS2EM methodology and standards, create programs to teach the methodology, and develop a system to help manage DS2EM projects. Organizations will easily be able to take advantage of its many features and benefits.

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