Social justice charity group ‘Who Is Hussian’ organizes blood donation camp

Srinagar August 28: As the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of the International Social Justice Organization ‘Who is Hussian’ held a one-day massive blood donation camp in four districts of J&K on Saturday, more than 5,000 donors showed up to take part at the mega blood drive.

Abrar Ali Media, the organization’s coordinator, told Rising Kashmir that the event was aimed at overcoming the fear some people have of donating blood and against registering around 2,000 donors, another 3,000 showed up while that 2000 units of blood were collected from 6 sites. in J&K.

“Although some people are reluctant to donate blood, they should also know that donating blood at least once or twice a year is not harmful to healthy people,” he said. The purpose of the event was to spread the message of blood donation because one donor can save three lives,” he said.

Abrar said the event in Jammu and Kashmir was part of his organization’s global blood donation campaign and in Kashmir they had offered five collection points including one in Bandipora district in the region of Pattan, Bemina and Zadibal in Srinagar and Markazi Imam Bargah in Budgam district.

“We had planned the donors based on the storage capacity of the hospitals we had discussed, and today we received around 2000 pints of blood from J&K, however, we had a surplus of 3000 donors who have now been kept as living donors in case of emergencies,” he said.

He said the pints of blood collected were taken by GMC Srinagar, GMC Baramulla, SKIMS Soura and DHSK.

Asked about the volunteers involved in the mega event, he said that in addition to more than 100 volunteer organizers from the organization “Who is Hussian”, there was considerable support from other blood donation NGOs. , including Salute72 Blood Donors’ Group, “Helping Hands blood”. and ‘Anjuman Blood Donors’, Budgam.

He said while the various health department officials were visiting the blood donation sites, a good number of doctors, staff and paramedics were available at all the blood donation sites in Jammu and Cashmere.

Abrar added that holding such an event without the support of the administration was never possible as they were also involved in its promotion for over a month and had made separate arrangements for the donors.

Sharing Details of Blood Donation Sites Abrar said In the city of Srinagar, blood donation camps have been established at Imambada Zadibal and Imam Bargah Ayatullah Yousuf, Bemina.

“At Imambada Zadibal, 310 pints of blood were collected in the first half of the day, similarly, 600 pints were given to Imam Bargah Ayatullah Yousuf, Bemina. At Markazi Imam Bargah Budgam, 540 pints, Bandipora 240, and in Baramulla 72 pints were collected,” he added.

A spokesperson for the organization said the non-profit organization has its chapters in 109 cities around the world, including Srinagar. The blood donation camp was part of the global “Be a Global Blood Hero” campaign which took place in several countries. The campaign’s goal was to complete a world record challenge by collecting 50,000 units of blood in one calendar day.

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