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The city councils of Shoalhaven City, Shellharbour City and Kiama have welcomed an offer from the NSW government, through Create NSW, to help establish a Regional Arts Development Organization (RADO) for the South Coast. The new RADO will join the regional arts network of 14 RADOs across the regional NSW. The network, with core funding from the NSW government and local councils, has grown over the past 30 years to inform, support and promote artistic and cultural activities at the regional and community level, including including opportunities for creative professionals and producers in different artistic fields. and cultural practice. Announcing NSW government funding in October, NSW Minister of the Arts Don Harwin said we know regional communities do best when they put on their own show. “I am happy that the new regional arts development organization for the south coast is joining forces with the existing regional arts network to highlight its artistic and cultural offering,” he added. For artists and communities hard hit by natural disasters and COVID 19, the creation of a South Coast RADO is timely. There are many pockets of creativity in our region, for which a RADO, with a bird’s-eye view of the entire South Coast, can help connect the dots, build bridges and foster networks between artists. , arts organizations, local government and communities. RADOs are at the service of artists, helping them to achieve their artistic and commercial objectives, by becoming viable in their practice. RADOs help communities develop and promote their own creative projects. RADOs connect to councils, bringing additional attention, knowledge and expertise in arts and culture to aid local government efforts in tourism, economic development, and community and cultural planning. To get the ball rolling, RADO invites regional professionals with a passion for the South Coast and with expertise in arts management, financial management, corporate governance, philanthropy, media and marketing, and artistic and cultural knowledge. First Nations, to nominate themselves for a position as a member of the board of directors (a one-year volunteer position). To inquire, please email: [email protected] by December 10, 2021.


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