Regents Can’t Risk Losing Federal Funds – Dakota Free Press


Measure 26 has been launched: Even though the doctor says marijuana is good for what ails you, the Board of Regents won’t let you eat your therapeutic brownies on campus in South Dakota:

south dakota public universities will not allow medical marijuana use on campus or at university, state sponsored events Board of Regents decided on Wednesday.

The reason: Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and universities would potentially lose federal funds.

Regents legal adviser Nathan Lukkes said universities would violate the drug-free schools law and the drug-free workplaces law.

“From a black point of view and all in the letter of the law, that is what it is,” he said. [Bob Mercer, “S.D. Universities Will Stay Marijuana-Free, Regardless of Medical Marijuana Program,” KELO-TV, 2021.06.23].

Holders of a medical marijuana card can still take their cannabis prescriptions at home, but they better not be crazy when they arrive on campus:

When reporting for work, employees should not be weakened or unable to perform their duties. Likewise, students who attend classes or participate in activities should not be weakened or disrupt university or on-campus activities due to their off-campus medical marijuana use. Employees and students who violate these restrictions are subject to disciplinary action, policy says [South Dakota Board of Regents, press release, 2021.06.23].

The Regents are leaving out medical marijuana users. The BOR Policy Reviews Include the addition of medical cannabis cardholder status to conditions that may qualify a student for a waiver of the requirement that students live on campus for their first two years.


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