Non-profit group Tyler aims to end ‘period poverty’ in East Texas | Local News

Tyler’s nonprofit, Period ETX, collects and provides free hygiene products to girls and women in East Texas.

“I want to let people know that their periods are being defended and it’s not something people can just ignore anymore,” founder Tiffany Scheppler said. “It’s unpleasant that a person has to wear their product longer than expected or has to use toilet paper.

“Now is the time to move on. (Periodic products) should be available for viewing anywhere.

Scheppler said the effort started last year when she held a fundraiser on May 28, which is Menstrual Hygiene Day, and was able to collect enough items to provide supplies for time in two high schools.

For a short time, she said she needed to step away from her endeavors, but this year it “felt right” to start again. The organization added members Aeson Badillo and Natalie Flores.

On Thursday, Period ETX held its first drive of the year at the Maiden Voyage Tattoo in Tyler, and Scheppler said there would be “many more to come.”

She added that when she started posting about Period ETX on social media, Maiden Voyage Tattoo owner Micah Lewis shared many of her posts. Scheppler therefore thought that the company could be a resource.

“My goal is to have most of East Texas eligible to have these free products anywhere, including schools, shelters (and) service buildings,” Scheppler said. .

She said she would like to see a bill passed to make vintage products accessible everywhere, or at least a law that would end taxes on them.

A good starting point for making period products accessible would be to have them in schools, she added.

As Period ETX grows, Scheppler said she would like to continue taking walks in the community or even a day at a park.

People can donate items such as tampons, pads, cups, liners, wipes, and other feminine hygiene items. Donations can go anywhere in East Texas, and some are even made into “periodic packs” that people can keep with them in case of an emergency, Scheppler added.

Period ETS also accepts “monetary donations or your time if you want to come and help volunteer or organize a campaign,” she said.

To make monetary donations, request period products, get involved or learn more, visit @periodetx on Facebook and Instagram and click the link in bio.

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