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MITCHELL — After years of fundraising, Mitchell’s Cadwell Park will soon be home to a new press box and shaded structure.

Building the press box and shaded structure atop the Cadwell Park ballpark is a move that local baseball executives say will position Mitchell to remain a regular host of the Dakota State Amateur Baseball Tournament. from South.

“We truly believe that the State Amateur Baseball Tournament is one of Mitchell’s premier statewide sporting events…And we want to keep it here,” said longtime member Tim Grivna. of the Mitchell Baseball Association.

The $400,000 project will replace the old press box with a new 460 square foot structure that includes an extended roof to provide shade for some of the seating below. The Mitchell Baseball Association is covering $200,000 of the project costs over three years, which matches the city’s $200,000 contribution. Several Mitchell organizations also donated funds, including the Sam F. Weller Foundation, the Mitchell Charitable Foundation, and the Buck Timmins Memorial.

Mitchell City Council Chairman Kevin McCardle, who is an avid baseball player, said the press box is a key project to improve the spectator experience.

“At the moment we don’t have shade for the seating area. We have a lot of older fans, and the lack of shade in the 90-degree summer heat can prevent people from attending a football match. baseball. This will make Cadwell one of the best in the state,” McCardle said.

According to McCardle, the press box roof extension will provide shade for nearly half of the bleacher seats behind the safety net.

The existing press gallery dates from 1975 and shows signs of its age.

Shown here is the bottom of the press box at the top of Cadwell Park baseball stadium in Mitchell.

Republic File Photo

“The floor is deteriorating and it would need some sort of repair in the next few years,” Grivna said of the existing press box at a city council meeting in October.

The goal is to complete the project before the 2023 Amateur Baseball Tournament in August.

The recent addition of artificial turf to nearby Drake Field was another move that impressed the state’s amateur baseball executives who decide where the annual tournament is held, Grivna said. By turning Drake Field into a turf, he provided a backup field in case of bad weather.

Grivna said bringing shade to the stadium is the final piece of the puzzle in making Cadwell Park baseball’s premier venue for years to come.

Mitchell has hosted the amateur baseball tournament 19 times in the past, but other cities of a similar size are now competing to host the event which draws hundreds of baseball fans from across the state.

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