National healthcare advocacy group targets Miami congressmen


A national health advocacy organization targets Republican officials in the United States. Carlos gimenez and Maria Elvira Salazar for driving up the cost of health care with their November 19 votes against the Rebuild Better Act.

Protect our care, which touts itself as an organization fighting “Republican sabotage” of access to healthcare, produced 30-second digital ads to run on Facebook.

“Everyone is feeling it – the costs keep going up,” the narrator intends, showing a series of gloomy-looking people, probably looking at medical bills they can’t afford. “Medicare and drug companies are making record profits, but millions of Americans can’t keep up. “

Eight seconds later, they share the problem: “Carlos Gimenez”, or, if for those of the neighboring district, “Maria Elvria Salazar, has just voted against the president Joe bidenthe signing legislation of, the Rebuild Better Act. “

Protect Our Care has targeted Gimenez and Salazar along with six other members of Congress for their votes on estimated $ 1.7 trillion legislation to close the Medicaid gap, cap pharmaceutical co-payments and lower health care premiums , as well as a host of other social security measures. net initiatives on child care, maternal mortality and climate change, to name a few.

These politicians, the viewer learns, voted against lowering drug prices and lowering premiums, which is written in all caps on the screen. Then the solution: the telephone numbers of the offices of Gimenez and Salazar are offered, depending on where the viewer resides, as well as what to say, also written in capital letters.

“Stop putting industry profits ahead of our prices,” he says.

Every Republican in Congress has voted against the legislation, which the US Senate has yet to pass for it to come into effect. But Protect Our Care has targeted representatives in congressional districts where registration in Obamacare is strong and there is some hope of turning the district from red to blue, according to a spokesperson for Protect Our Care. Other targets are found in Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is the only state other than Florida with two targets.

Digital-only spots that can be produced relatively inexpensively have become a common tool among advocacy groups. A congressman’s name is filed in one place, with little additional expense to target the ad to a specific district.

Gimenez, the former mayor of Miami-Dade County, defeated the Democratic representative of the United States. Debbie Mucarsel Powell in Florida’s 26th Congressional District in November 2020, winning 51% of the vote in what was billed one of Florida’s most competitive congressional races.

Salazar also ousted a sitting Democratic representative in what was seen as a staggering upheaval for one of South Florida’s best-known political figures, Donna Shalala. She was Secretary of Health and Social Services under the presidency Bill clinton and a former president of the University of Miami.

Neither congressional office responded to a request for comment on the digital spots.

Hopefully Biden’s signing legislation gets passed before the New Years start to darken on Wednesday, according to reports.

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