MoPD sets up new sections for 3-year growth strategy – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives (MoPD) created two new sections, Growth and Jobs and Policy Review and Coordination, which would take a whole-of-government approach to technically coordinate the preparation and implementation of the three-year growth strategy. on an ongoing basis.

Vice-Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan, chaired a meeting on Monday on the three-year rolling growth strategy, which aims at economic diversification, transformation and job-led growth.

Planning Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili, Federal Secretaries / Senior Representatives of Line Ministries and Divisions attended the meeting.

The Ministry of Planning has created two new sections: (i) Growth and employment, and (ii) Policy review and coordination.

The ministry launched consultations with a number of federal ministries and formed seven working groups, representing various sectors of the economy such as; Reform of the political incentive structure for the industrial sector, operationalization of the strategic trade policy 2020-25, improvement of the efficiency in the research of foreign direct investments (FDI), science and technology (S&T) – research capacities and development (R&D) for targeted export products, identification of facilitation measures for improved IT exports, targeted improvements in productivity in the agricultural sector and identification of policy measures to improve exports from the agricultural sector and the interprovincial increase in population control programs.

The growth diagnostics and the timelines for the work plan, recommendations and reform program should be finalized during the current month. The three-year growth strategy aims to reorient policies and incentive structures for the private sector to improve competitiveness and productivity.

The Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Asad Umar, has been given the task of formulating a growth strategy within the framework of the Prime Minister’s economic reform program.

The Planning Commission under the leadership of Federal Minister Asad Umar approved the 3-year high-level framework in October 2021.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice-Chairman of the Planning Commission, Dr Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan, said that a strong implementation plan is as important as a strategic roadmap. He said coordination is the fundamental aspect of results-oriented policies.

He said the concept of partnership is practiced all over the world and the government of Pakistan intends to expand the partnerships.

He called on all sectors to update their political regulations with the ultimate goal of having ultimate products and results.

Stakeholders discussed in depth the views regarding the way forward and improvements to be incorporated into the recommendations / suggestions submitted by the respective working groups.

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