Meredith to vote on new play structure at Prescott Park | Local News

MEREDITH — The town of Meredith will get a redeveloped play structure in Prescott Park, if the town votes to build it for $150,000 in the town on March 9.

So far, the project seems popular with city leaders. The selection committee recommended Article 16 of the mandate, a measure to appropriate the funds, in a unanimous 5-0 vote.

Prescott Park has been without a proper play structure since 2016, when the old one was torn down for safety reasons.

“There’s one at the community center and one at Child’s Park,” said Lindsay Weiner of Friends of Meredith Parks and Recreation, a non-profit organization. “We wanted to bring in things that aren’t in those local playgrounds, so we asked the kids to choose the pieces of equipment they wanted. It’s kid-approved.

Board members each received a catalog,” explained Peter Thorndike, President of Friends of Meredith Parks and Recreation, “All of our board members have young children. They flipped through it and chose features.

The board then voted on the most popular features to incorporate into the final design.

The proposed structure will be built by O’Brien and Sons, a Massachusetts construction company specializing in outdoor recreation sites.

The play structure plan includes climbing ladders, slides, catwalks and log fronts.

There’s a kind of treehouse vibe to certain parts of the structure,” Weiner said.

“We wanted a nature-themed type of design,” Thorndike said. “They have features with tree fort features and rocks and stuff.”

In addition to the proposed funds of $150,000 raised from the city, Weiner said the group hopes to raise an additional $75,000 through fundraising.

“TThe group doesn’t want to put the entire financial burden on the city,” Weiner explained. “We already have over $20,000 in terms of fundraising that we have done. We have a lot to prepare for the additional $50,000 from our group fundraiser.

Both Thorndike and Weiner expressed confidence in their ability to raise additional funds and in the passage of Article 16.

“Based on the support we’ve gotten for the skatepark, I’m very confident the city will give us a yes vote,” Thorndike said.

In 2020, Meredith completed the renovation of the Hart Family Memorial Skatepark, which was partially funded through the efforts of Friends of Meredith Parks and Recreation. This project has received positive support from the city.

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