Marketing Academy Australia provides leadership development

The Marketing Academy Australia is a not-for-profit organization that was launched in 2015.

The organization aims to develop the leadership capacity of talent in the marketing, advertising and communications sectors through mentoring, coaching and intensive learning.

More than 180 scholarship recipients have completed the scholarship program. The industry training program is free but very selective of candidates.

The Fellowship Program is a 15-day learning program delivered over nine months for just 30 carefully selected delegates from the marketing, media and advertising sectors.

The Development Program offers cashless experiences and top-notch content and has been designed to include a powerful combination of mentorship, coaching and guest lectures from some of Australia’s top CEOs, CMOs and business leaders and from the rest of the world.

The program consists of four core modules that enable their academics to be the best. This includes:

Personal development: to be an extraordinary human being

People Development: Be an inspiring leader

Professional Development: Being an Exceptional Marketer

Objective: Be an agent of change

The scholarship program also provides one-on-one mentorship for each scholarship recipient with up to eight of Australia’s most experienced and inspiring marketing leaders for their team of over 40 CEOs, CMOs and industry directors. .

Fellows will also benefit from executive coaching with nine months of input from one of their 30 professional executive coaches. Coaching will give researchers a critical sounding board for their reflection and development.

It also offers three immersive boot camps throughout the year that allow scholars to share their learnings, ideas, and experiences. Scholars also undergo an intense leadership development program in addition to a comprehensive induction, inspirational speakers, workshops, and learning sessions.

Fellows also have access to the Global Virtual Campus which is an additional online development program of workshops, lectures and introductory sessions. Sessions are attended by The Marketing Academy alumni, mentors, coaches, partners and their teams in the US and UK.

As nominations for the 2022 program are complete, The Marketing Academy has a guide for their criteria they look for in applicants, which includes:

Between 10 and 20 years in a marketing or agency role (or those who have demonstrated potential as natural marketers or who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial ability or outstanding achievement in the face of adversity)

Currently in a leadership role

Highly ambitious to pursue career in marketing leadership, aspiring to board positions

Demonstrates commitment to career with evidence of results and accomplishments

Evidence of commitment to expanding horizons, such as world travel or continuing education

High emotional intelligence and a natural drive to succeed

Interests in charitable, social, cultural, creative or sporting activities

Employed on a permanent (not self-employed) basis in Australia or New Zealand with no risk of resignation for the duration of the program

Applications are welcome and applications are by invitation. From there, invitees go through a three-step process, the first part includes a resume, employer endorsement, and a two-minute pitch video. The second step in the process is a pitch, followed by a Q and an A.

To complete the three stages, candidates are invited to a face-to-face interview with a selection panel made up of marketing and HR professionals.

The Marketing Academy has an alumni program, launched in 2017, to ensure that all alumni can continue to access inspiring learning and speakers, and to benefit from one of the strongest networks ever. they have between them.

Another program of The Marketing Academy is the Fellowship Program, established in 2015 and so far over 140 Fellows have graduated. Graduates are invited to join the Fellowship Alumni program, designed to facilitate the exclusive and growing network by sharing best practices and helping fellows learn and grow.

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