Loans and Mortgages: how to request a quote?

DATE: March 25, 2020

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When a credit broker evolves his professionalism and experience to become a credit specialist, among the possibilities that arise in his career there is that of being part of complex bodies, real “providers” that provide services in this sense.

This is what happened in the case of the “Fine Bank”, a center for aggregating credit mediation that aims to satisfy any customer need in relation to mortgages, personal loans, assignment of the fifth (see also How to renew the assignment of the fifth). The headquarters are in the province of Savona (in Genoa there are qualified brokers located throughout Italy, also in Salerno, in Piglia, Sicily, etc.), while other offices are in Milan and near Naples. Let’s see what it is.

Credit brokerage for customer service

Credit brokerage for customer service

Founded in 2005 by the merger of two companies, Across Lender and Spin Lender, with the involvement in 2013 of the holding company Lite Lender Company, in reality the Fine Bank Group can count on personalities with 25 years of experience behind them. In order to give greater clarity and coherence to the project, four divisions are therefore created: insurance, companies, mortgages, loans and assignments of pensions and salaries.

How to request a free online consultation

How to request a free online consultation

In practice, by completing an online form on the website Fine Bank or by calling, the customer can choose the service on which to request advice, identifying the most suitable products at personalized and advantageous prices.

This applies to mortgages (and services such as mortgage replacement, online mortgages, subrogations, etc.), for personal loans (to understand how much you can ask banks for your needs), for insurance (life, home, fire, civil liability, disability) and for the transfer of the fifth and salary proxies (in order to find out how much to be able to retain).

Among the flagships also mentioned by the reviews made on Fine Bank, however, there is above all the loan and advice to companies. Whether for mortgages (in the case of a variable rate, the installment will be equal to the value of the Euribor rate plus the spread), mortgages, unsecured, leasing (see also Car leasing) or other products, there is always a consultant who can give the right advice to interested entrepreneurs.

In addition, each section presents truly complete subsections online with information on all the details that may concern certain topics. Finally, Fine Bank has also recently added the new Allea-Re project to these services, a sort of package of services dedicated to real estate agents to be closer to customers.

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