Liquidmetal (LQMT) becomes active after announcing changes in organizational structure – Own Snap


Liquidmetal (LQMT) is still in the most demanded industry where the technology urgently needs different types of metals. However, due to mismanagement, the company was unable to meet shareholder expectations and ended up being over-the-counter in the US market. Recently, Liquidmetal made a very clear announcement regarding the changes in the management structure. That is why the normally flat stock becomes very active in the total daily volume, as well as, in the movements, it has very large fluctuations.

The Californian company has just undergone major changes in its top-level positions. Just 4 days ago, its CEO and Chairman, Professor Lugee Li, resigned from his current position but remains chairman of the board of the company. This major decision received the support of Professor Lugee Li who wants the company to grow and receive international popularity to increase its income.

A very interesting event has come to the post of CEO and President. Mr. Tony Chung has been appointed by the board of directors as interim CEO. Mr. Isaac Bresnick has become president who will be responsible for customer service. Senior executives believe these structural changes will surely bring positive results soon, according to Business Wire.

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