LEXIGO announces the appointment of Tony Lee as head of strategy

LEXIGO has announced the appointment of Tony Lee to the newly created role of Chief Strategy Officer.

Lee brings extensive experience to the translation and communications agency CALD (Culturally And Linguistically Diverse) having led strategic branding, marketing, creative and digital projects and teams as a consultant to brands, companies and emblematic ministries.

For more than 25 years, he has been a leading strategic pillar, helping to transform government departments, nonprofits, consulting firms, and enterprises of all sizes into digitally savvy, business-savvy cultures. culture and led by brands.

Lee said her appointment was an exciting opportunity to support LEXIGO as it grows into a full-service cultural communications agency.

“Nearly a third of Australians were born overseas, but for too long businesses and brands have lacked the foresight and know-how to connect authentically with diverse CALD perspectives. This constant scrutiny leads to the perpetuation of misrepresented stereotypes, tokenization and a noticeable under-representation of authentic CALD communities in marketing, media and popular culture.

“LEXIGO has done an outstanding job of making communications in the language more accessible to businesses and brands. Their remarkable technology platform and global network of translators have enabled translations to be produced at tremendous speed and scale and there is so much potential for organizations to use it to communicate authentically with their diverse audiences. “, he continued.

“I really look forward to working with LEXIGO and its clients to develop their cross-cultural capacity and take their inclusive and multicultural marketing practices to the next level,” he added.

The appointment comes as LEXIGO continues to gain more work in the public and private sectors.

CEO Marc Saba welcomed Lee to the team and said he looked forward to the impact his appointment will have not only on the company, but on the industry in general.

“I believe that diversity in people brings diversity in thought. Tony is one of the industry’s leading thinkers, and his experience helping brands and businesses grow, coupled with his passion for authentic cross-cultural communication, has had a positive impact on LEXIGO’s culture and capabilities. .

“His vision of a dynamic, well-informed and represented, culturally diverse and inclusive marketing communications sector is in line with our goals for LEXIGO, and we are excited about the implications for our future direction,” he added.

Driven by a global network of over 10,000 native translators, LEXIGO’s own cloud technology leverages advanced AI to deliver authentic, peer-reviewed, and culturally informed translation.

Awarded as one of Australia’s most innovative companies in the Smart100 Index and one of the top 10 SMEs in the DELL Business Excellence Awards, LEXIGO is leading the way in accurately translating and managing multicultural content from hundreds of organizations every month.

Top photo: Tony Lee

Middle image: Mark Saba

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