Learn software development with this $19 package

Learn the basics of programming that are crucial for so many tech jobs.
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Want to get into software development? The Software Development Processes Bootcamp Pack is a four-course package that introduces the key concepts you’ll need to succeed in the industry. And right now, it’s on sale for $19.

Learn software development

The Software Development Processes Bootcamp Pack includes four courses, totaling eight hours of instruction, taught by real professionals. Classes are taught by experts from CodingGears, an organization that has been providing IT training for years. CodingGears instructors have tons of real-world experience in the type of work you learn at this boot camp.

When you’re learning something complex like software design, it’s important to have a teacher who can explain complex concepts clearly and succinctly. That’s what you get from the pros at CodingGears.

The courses themselves are dedicated to the core skills and design principles software developers need to learn. In “Software Development Process (SDLC Models)” you learn to understand the methodologies and begin to study agile software development. In “Agile Fundamentals” you develop your skills even further and study the advantages and disadvantages of different software development methods.

Agile is one of the most useful methodologies for software development, and you’ll be fluent in it when you complete this set.

“Basics of programming for non-programmers” and “Basics of extreme programming” complete this mini-set. These courses will take you from total beginner to intermediate programmer.

You will learn the basics of computer programming by using the theoretical knowledge acquired in the other courses. Then you can start learning XP workflows and advanced XP methods. After these two courses, you will be able to start creating your own software.

Save on Software Development Processes Bootcamp Bundle

Start creating the programs you’ve always wanted to find. Get the Bootcamp Bundle of Software Development Processes while it’s on sale for $19. Get to work and you can create complex and useful software like this that turns websites into apps.

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