Leaked SMS: Right-wing group coordinated with Trump for January 6 rally


Rolling Stone obtained text messages that show the coordination between the Jan.6 attackers on the U.S. Capitol and former President Donald Trump’s White House.

Rally organizer Amy Kremer, according to the report, was focusing on the food instead of what was happening on the street of her hotel in the United States Capitol. Among other things, Kremer is the founder of Women For America First and is a longtime Tea Party activist.

Kremer’s text messages made it clear that she was speaking with the White House about events after Trump’s defeat in November.

First, she organized the March for Trump bus tour that would come to Washington to protest the loss of the president.

“For those of you who didn’t know, I skipped the tour for the night and headed to DC. I have a meeting at the WH tomorrow afternoon and will be back tomorrow night. “Kremer wrote in messages to subscribers. . ” Sleep well. I’ll make sure the president knows about the tour tomorrow! “

She went on to explain that she and her daughter Kylie seemed to indicate that they were in communication with Team Trump. Chris Barron, spokesperson for the Kramers, claimed that all of Rolling Stone’s posts were fake news.

“You print things that are 100% factually wrong that we can prove are not true,” Barron said. “You print things that are absolutely, factually wrong and, beyond being factually wrong, to anyone who knows Amy is as hilarious and absurd.”

When Rolling Stone asked for details, Barron declined to respond, simply repeating that they dispute the report.

In another text, tagged December 13, 2020, Kramer told the group that she was “still awaiting news from the WH about the photoshoot with the bus.” She explained that she didn’t have the permits yet, so they couldn’t tweet that the event would take place at the Ellipse until it was confirmed.

“We are following POTUS ‘lead,” Kylie wrote next.

A January 3 text message between activist Dustin Stockton and Kylie again made it seem like there was blatant coordination. She told Stockton that the management of rally credentials for VIPs was organized with a “combination of us and WH”.

Stockton’s fiancee Jennifer Lawrence, not the actress, asked for clarification on press references. Kylie said the Trump campaign is navigating this part.

The January 6 House select committee subpoenaed documents from the Kremers, but it is not known whether the information was disclosed.

On the morning of January 5, Kremer texted the organizers, “we are about to be part of a pivotal and historic moment in our country’s history.”

“Thank you for taking this trip with Women For America First. I love you all and am grateful to each of you,” she wrote. “Let’s go save the Republic!

Ali Alexander was organizing another group that would protest on Capitol Hill on January 6.

“Two sources involved in planning the Ellipse rally previously told Rolling Stone they feared the Alexander event could turn violent due to its apparent links to militias and its location just outside the Capitol. “, Rolling stone Explain. “These sources claimed that Alexander initially agreed that he would not stage the ‘savage protest’ and allow the Ellipse rally to be the only major pro-Trump event in Washington on January 6.”

The leaked texts show that there were internal arguments over Kramer’s protest and that of Alexander.

“Ali is trying to reorganize our women’s seats for America (sic),” wrote one volunteer. “Stop that shit,” Stockton replied.

Kylie noted in a Dec.31 text that the only reason the Alexander group hosted theirs was that his group was made up of “all the people who are not invited or that POTUS will not be associated with. Seriously, everybody has to get off that damn bus because you’re all going crazy focused on things that don’t matter.

Then another volunteer asked the group why the details of the event had not been tweeted. Kylie responded by saying that Ellipse events are extremely rare and require more paperwork. She noted that she was working with “Team Trump” to get everything ready.

“I’m very frustrated and feel like you have NO IDEA about the hoops we walked 24/7. Google events at the Ellipse. Send me pictures you can find anything other than Christmas tree light or menorah lighting which are official WH events. THEY DON’T HAPPEN, “Kylie wrote. “You have to stop all of this. The back and forth. If someone doesn’t like what … the Trump team and I are doing, you don’t have to come by January 6.”

Arguments continued within the group, with Amy Kramer going so far as to berate her daughter in public on the texting channel for drinking.

“Kylie, you need to slow down your run with the wine NOW,” Kremer wrote. “We have so much work to do and not enough time to do it.”

She then told the group, “There will be no more alcohol on this trip.

Rolling Stone even got access to the food order Kremer prepared for the organizers who met in his Willard hotel suite. A January 6 order also included a bottle of champagne as Kremer’s organization denounced the violence. Napa Tea Party coordinator Pam Silleman told The Uprising she drank champagne in the Kremer Suite as they watched the Capitol storming on television.

A member of the March for Trump team revealed that the suite was one of the nicest in the hotel and that the Kramers demanded “cool bulbs” and other special requests. The organizer suggested that the orders could have alerted law enforcement.

“I got a call from someone in the FBI asking me why I used my card at Willard in DC.… It was an exorbitant bill. The suite they were in was unholy expensive because Kylie was supposed to have the presidential suite. That was what made her feel comfortable, ”the team member told Rolling Stone. “She was supposed to have her waffles every morning. She would check the light bulbs in every hotel. She would ask maintenance to change the light bulbs.”

Another organizer remembered over a dozen people in the suite with wine afloat.

“She was fucked up that night, Kylie Kremer,” the person recalls.

The next day, some were so disturbed by the violence of January 6 that they wanted to make a public statement.

“I don’t think it’s wise for us to talk to the press or have a press conference. Our statement yesterday was strong enough and we have to stop there,” Amy Kremer wrote on January 7. “Nothing god (sic) will come from our conversation with CBS or any other mainstream media. Hope you understand and agree.”

Then something of a disaster happened. Kremer locked herself in her bathroom and texted the whole group asking for help.


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