Leadership development organized by the University for Peace in Costa Rica:

A corporate sustainability manager, a coffee farmer, an employee of a technology company, a psychologist, the founder of an NGO and a master’s student – what could bring together a group like this -this ?

A workshop on leadership at the University for Peace – what is it!

Hearing the words ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’, you may have clear images that immediately come to mind – the faces of presidents, family members, human rights activists and mentors. Whether they have some level of fame and are well known publicly, or have had a significant impact on your own life, these are all people who have been able to have a significant influence on the lives of others.

Because at its core, that’s what a leader is – someone who cares about those around them and motivates them to improve, to reach their full potential. If we can begin to think of leadership outside of the traditional sense of CEO or “boss,” it becomes surprisingly clear that we all lead. We all have an influence on others at work and at home, no matter what we devote our lives to.

It is from this sentiment that the Positive Leadership Workshop was developed. Coming May 13and & 14and, this unique 2-day training organized by the United Nations University for Peace is destined to transform your vision of leadership. You’ll start with a deep understanding of yourself and how you lead, then focus on your sphere of influence (your peers, team members, and/or your organization). With a distinct outlook rooted in positive psychology, the program addresses important topics such as strengths-based leadership, vulnerability, and psychological safety.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly, the University for Peace reflects the values ​​of the UN, bringing together people from all sectors and walks of life to create positive impact, some flying to join us from the foreign and others who are local to Costa Rica. You’ll connect deeply with your peers over the 2 days through interactive group exercises and energizing individual activities, all designed to help you lead with compassion, empathy and confidence.

As one of our recent alumni said, ‘it is impossible for you to be the same person after this workshop. It changed the way I see myself, gave me concrete tools to work with, and helped me find real purpose in what I do..’

What are you waiting for?

How to get involved

The Positive Leadership Workshop will be held on the campus of the University for Peace in Costa Rica this May 13and & 14and. To learn more and register, simply click here.

And if the month of May does not work, this workshop will be offered again on September 8and & 9and as well, and is also available in an online format!

To see what past participants have to say about their experiences, watch this short video.

If you would like to get in touch with our team directly, all you have to do is schedule a call with us. We are more than happy to help you.

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