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Huntington Station, USA, November 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

The new FMO partnership enables Modern Medicare Agency to serve clients more effectively, regardless of where they live in the country. The group explains that millions of Americans today are often overwhelmed by their Medicare health insurance, preventing them from fully optimizing their medical policies.

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With new support from Ritter Insurance Marketing, the agency has strengthened its marketing capabilities, from recruiting to an enhanced product portfolio. This provides better visibility and gives customers more opportunities to speak with a Medicare expert about their available options.

According to the latest statistics, approximately 18% of the US population is covered by Medicare. The program, which has two main components, contains many bonuses depending on various factors. This can cause a lot of confusion among its insureds and create reluctance among unprotected people to speak to a Medicare professional.

The Modern Medicare Agency recognizes the difficulties in choosing an insurance plan that correctly reflects the individual needs of each client. The independent group helps clients navigate the process with its unique yet straightforward approach to service: insurance plans should be made for them and their specific lifestyle.

Customers speak personally to a licensed agent who helps them identify the right coverage plan for their needs. The emphasis is on education rather than selling. This way, clients benefit from advice as well as a wider range of plans to choose from.

FMO’s new partnership with Ritter Insurance Marketing signifies the agency’s commitment to being an accessible professional health insurance advisory group, helping more clients receive the health insurance coverage they want. need at affordable prices. This compassionate passion for excellence has grown the business from a sole owner to a team of 12, with the hope of expanding the team to 25 new agents by next year.

A grateful client wrote: “They helped me understand all the ABC’s and D’s of Medicare, from there we discussed my concerns and medical needs as well as my travel habits and of my budget. I am convinced that I made the right choice.

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