Highly significant development of Iran-Syria economic relations: Qalibaf – Political news


In a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, held in Tehran on Monday, Qalibaf said the most important issue for Tehran and Damascus at the moment is to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation.

“It is obvious that the enemies of the resistance front are trying to win through economic war all that they have failed to achieve on the battlefield, and that is why we must try to be successful in the economic fields. and politics, ”he said.

Qalibaf stressed that Damascus must promote intra-Syrian talks to tackle security concerns, expressing Iran’s willingness to play a role in this regard through the Astana talks, Press TV reported.

For his part, the Syrian foreign minister said that the occupation of the northeast and south of his country by US forces is dangerous and must end.

“They are trying to impose their domination and colonialism on our countries through soft warfare and with the help of their various tools in the region, including their affiliated non-governmental organizations, economic instruments and paying certain people.” , said the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs. noted.

He pointed out that the United States has been forced to leave parts of the region after failing to advance its objectives through terrorism, direct interference in countries in the region and the establishment of military bases, and that ‘they are now resorting to other means to achieve their goals.

Mekdad said the United States had imposed inhumane sanctions on Iran, Syria and other countries in order to bring them to their knees, adding that Washington was seeking whatever it had failed to achieve. to be obtained by military approaches via such prohibitions.


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