High Growth Strategy Uploaded By Spectrum As It Seeks To Double Its Revenue With Digital Priority Delivery

An East Yorkshire IT company has unveiled its ambitious growth plans as it sets out on a mission to help businesses thrive in a digitally driven economy.

IT @ Sprectrum, headquartered in Hessle – now only Spectrum as part of the move – aims to double its turnover by £ 10million over the next three years.

He has already employed 15 additional people in the past 12 months, including a digital solutions manager to drive the strategy forward.

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A dozen young hires are also set to join a Spectrum Campus training program as it invests in new talent to help it support business transformation – by improving efficiency, productivity and efficiency. profitability through technology.

Steve Motley, Head of Digital Solutions at Spectrum, said: “The pandemic has shown like never before how vital digital technology is to businesses in all industries and how it can be harnessed to drive business performance.

“After all, who would have believed, before Covid, that entire businesses could be operated remotely with staff switching to work from home in a matter of days.

“Now it’s good that teams are back in the office or using hybrid work models, but it’s clear that the pace of digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Spectrum Headquarters at Bridgehead Business Park, Hessle.

“This means that there are many other opportunities for us to help our customers better understand and reap the benefits of digital technology and automation. We have the expertise to help our clients create the workplace of tomorrow, today.

Customers of award-winning Bridgehead Business Park include UK home boiler market leader Ideal Heating and shipping fuel company Rix Group, both based in Hull.

With the holiday season accelerating, the team is also promoting their strategy with a mini-film,

Spectrum Saves Christmas, with technology helping an overwhelmed Santa.

Video upload

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Spectrum Managing Director Rob Cavill said: “This is an incredibly exciting time, with so many opportunities for us to grow the business.

“Rebranding is a key element of our strategy.

“We’re not an IT support company – it’s our sister company The One Point. We provide our customers with highly efficient printing and information management services and help them maximize the benefits of digital technology and automation.

“Our new name also reflects the fact that we offer our customers a full range of services to work smarter, reduce costs, improve business processes and productivity and ultimately be more profitable through digital technology. . “

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