Group of men helping young people

PORTERVILLE, Mississippi (WTOK) — A group of men have started a nonprofit organization to stop children from committing crimes.

The PTV Ryderz (a play on the term “porterville riders”) is an organization that helps turn teenagers into productive young men. The group joins the teenagers by doing fun activities with them, such as riding ATVs, learning to farm and learning a trade. The group educates young people to become productive citizens.

The group’s founder, Archie Grace Jr., said gun violence by young people who kill young people must end. Thus, his group reaches teenagers by spreading love, wisdom and adding fun to their lives.

“It keeps them out of trouble. It keeps them alive. Trail rides are pretty much the new thing for young and old. That’s why it’s so important to me,” said member Earlvonta McDonald.

“These are young men here who aren’t doing what the average people are getting themselves into. These guys work. Some are new fathers who are doing a great job parenting. I like the fact that this man is piling up with a group of men younger than us. They give it a positive direction. They inspire her to keep her head on track,” Grace said.

The group has been around for four years and reaches out to teens.

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