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ROYAL OAK, Mich., December 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Graphex Group Limited, a global leader in graphene technologies and products used in the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries and energy storage, is pleased to ” announce the formation of its US Subsidiary, Graphex Technologies LLC (Graphex), and the appointment of its new CEO.

Graphex Group is one of the largest manufacturers of spherical graphite, a key material for the production of lithium-ion battery cells used to form layers of graphene in the anode of lithium-ion battery cells. It currently operates its high-volume manufacturing process and product technology, protected by 23 patents, for electric vehicles manufactured and sold in Asia. Graphex Group’s spherical graphite manufacturing plant is strategically located in Heilongjiang Province, a region rich in reserves of high-quality natural graphite. Lithium-ion batteries are one of the world’s most sought-after technological components, as they are an integral part of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions needed to drive clean energy transformation. They are also used in many other applications including personal electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops and many other household items.

Following its entry into the American market and the creation of a manufacturing plant in 2022, Graphex intends to capitalize on the global demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and stored energy, in particular on the American and European markets. As both a technology and a manufacturing company, it will also continue to identify and develop future applications of graphene. The Company intends to construct a manufacturing facility in the United States capable of producing 20,000 to 50,000 tonnes of coated natural graphite anode material annually.

John DeMaio has been appointed CEO of Graphex Technologies and President of the Graphene division of Graphex Group Limited, the former of which represents the US entity. In his new role, DeMaio will lead the development and launch of key strategic alliances in North America and Europe to support the surging demand for advanced technologies in the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors. DeMaio will expand the opportunities to establish supply chains in the United States and Europe to bring technology, employment opportunities and reliable supply to these high growth markets.

“As we continue to develop our graphene business in Asia, home to one of the fastest growing electric vehicle industries, the need for technologies supporting electric vehicles and renewable energy increases around the world.” , said Chan Yick Yan Andross, Managing Director and Director, Groupe Graphex Limited. “Now is the right time to expand our international reach. We are delighted to welcome John to our team to provide advice to the parent organization and lead Graphex Technologies LLC as we establish international supply chains and explore global partnerships, strategic alliances, scientific collaboration and potential. vertically integrate complementary businesses.

DeMaio has held leadership positions including President and CEO of JouleSmart Solutions; Managing Director of Siemens Smart Infrastructure; vice-president of MWH Global; Chief Operating Officer of Thompson Solar Technologies; and division head of SPG Solar. These roles range from successful startups to divisional and regional turnarounds in Fortune 50 companies. With over 20 years of experience in the energy and infrastructure industries, DeMaio has developed and commercialized several new technologies in emerging markets including photovoltaics, advanced waste-to-energy solutions and artificial intelligence platforms for objects.

“It’s an honor to join this progressive organization and lead this team of extremely intelligent professionals who understand exactly what business we are in and are committed to being the best at what we do,” said John DeMaio, CEO of Graphex Technologies LLC. “As a leading technology company providing R&D and product innovations in the field of electric vehicle battery technology and alternative energy production, storage and delivery, Graphex is ideally positioned for strong growth in markets outside of Asia. Our ability to provide superior graphite and graphene related products and technologies today – while continuously innovating and expanding our offerings in anticipation of the evolving needs of tomorrow – will make the Graphex Group a fundamental force in the global energy transition. About Graphex Group Limited Graphex Group Limited focuses on the development of technologies and products for the improvement of renewable energies, in particular the enrichment of spherical graphite and graphene, key components of EV batteries, lithium-ion batteries and other uses. Strategically located near the largest source of supply of high quality natural flake graphite in the world, the Graphex Group is currently one of the leading suppliers of specialized spherical graphite for the electric vehicle and renewable energy industries. It plans to secure and further expand the upstream supply chain and increase the delivery volume by 400% over the next three years to support the unprecedented proliferation of demand for batteries. Graphex holds 23 patents in areas such as products, production methods, machine design and environmental protection.

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