Good data helps African countries make the best development policy decisions

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The Eighth Meeting of the Statistical Commission for Africa will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 24-28 October 2022 under the theme “Modernizing Data Ecosystems in Africa to Support Regional Integration”.

Data and statistics are the engine of development planning. Reliable statistics and analyzes drive the effective implementation of development programs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Accurate, high-quality, timely, disaggregated and accessible data improves development planning by providing useful and understandable information essential to knowing a country’s development parameters. Due to lack of capacity and low investment, many countries in Africa face inadequate data and insufficient statistical analysis to make data-based policy decisions to support social and economic development.

The eighth meeting of the Statistical Commission for Africa will bring together participants from across Africa, including heads of national statistical offices, statisticians, geoinformation systems experts, information technology experts and communications, academics, research institutes, regional and international development partners as well as observers from intergovernmental bodies. and non-governmental organizations.

Organized by ECA under the leadership of the Office of the Statistical Commission for Africa, the meeting will discuss the link between African and global statistical systems to ensure that Africa is not left behind in global statistical initiatives. In addition, the meeting will discuss progress and statistical development in African statistical systems while taking stock of ongoing global initiatives to mainstream new and updated methodologies to improve their statistical capacity in the context of the pandemic. of COVID-19.

Particular emphasis will be placed on how to modernize and transform national statistical systems in Africa to ensure the availability of data needed for sub-regional and continental integration and global agendas. The meeting is also expected to share methodologies on modernizing statistical systems and strengthening collaboration between statisticians, geospatial and civil registration experts.

The Statistical Commission for Africa is the highest decision-making body in Africa responsible for setting statistical standards, developing concepts and methods and implementing them at national, sub-regional and continental levels.

Representatives of the Forum on African Statistical Development, the United Nations Regional Global Geospatial Information Management Committee for Africa and other initiatives report on their progress through the Statistical Commission for Africa. The meeting will also feature a number of events such as the tenth meeting of the African Statistical Development Forum and the Takwimu program launched in July 2021 by the African Center for Statistics and ECA to train young statisticians in Africa.

In addition, the meeting will incorporate the eighth meeting of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management Regional Committee for Africa as well as the expert segment of the sixth session of the Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Civil Registration .

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