Find out why India’s tallest structure, the Noida Supertech Twin Towers, was demolished

Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering has been tasked with demolishing Supertech’s twin towers in Noida

The Supertech twin towers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh – both taller than Delhi’s iconic Qutab Minar – will be demolished on Sunday (August 28) at around 2:30 p.m. PTI

New Delhi: The Supertech twin towers in Noida, Uttar Pradesh – both taller than Delhi’s iconic Qutab Minar – were demolished on Sunday August 28 at 2.30pm. The towers were knocked down in less than 15 seconds using the cascading implosion technique.

Notably, Supertech’s illegal twin towers in Noida’s 93A sector have become the tallest structure ever to be demolished in India.

The evacuation of around 5,000 residents of nearby companies – Emerald Court and ATS Village – was completed at 7am today. Most residents have already moved out, many of them just last night, police officials said.

Why are Noida’s Supertech Twin Towers being demolished?

Considered the tallest building in India, the twin towers of Noida are being demolished following a directive from the Supreme Court.

The demolition of the twin towers of Noida will end the decade-long battle between the builder group – Supertech and the residents around the twin towers.

The Supertech twin towers in Noida are being demolished due to severe building code violations.

In 2004, it was proposed to build the Supertech Emerald Court housing company in Noida’s 93A sector. The following year, the Noida authority sanctioned the building plan which showed 14 towers and nine floors.

However, the plan was later revised and in 2012 Noida authority reviewed the new plan after which the height of the twin towers was set at 40 floors.

It was after this that the society’s Resident Welfare Association (RWA) moved to the High Court in Allahabad, calling the construction illegal. In 2014, the High Court ordered the authority to demolish the twin towers within four months from the date the order was filed. Additionally, the builder group was asked to bring down the towers (at their own expense.

The builder was also ordered to refund payments from apartment buyers with an interest rate of 14%.

In August 2021, the Supreme Court upheld the order of the Allahabad High Court and ordered the demolition. He also noted that the construction of the twin towers violated construction standards.

The Supreme Court confirmed August 28 as the date for the destruction of the Supertech Twin Towers, with a “seven-day bandwidth” between August 29 and September 4 to account for any delays that may arise due to technical issues or weather situation.

The nearly 100m high towers are due to be safely demolished at 2.30pm today.

How will the Supertech Twin Towers be demolished?

The twin towers in Noida were rigged with over 3,700 kg of explosives. Notably, explosives were planted in nearly 7,000 holes in the pillars. In addition, 20,000 circuits have been settled. When triggered around 2.30pm today these will crush the pillars so that the towers fall straight down and this process is called the ‘waterfall technique’.

As the explosion to bring down the twin towers will be violent, it should trigger vibrations in a 30 meter radius for a few seconds. According to officials, the magnitude of these vibrations can be around 30 mm per second, which is similar to an earthquake measuring 0.4 on the Richter scale.

Officials said the structures in Noida are built to withstand earthquakes measuring up to 6.

After demolition, it will take about 12 minutes (depending on wind speed) for the dust to settle. Nearly 55,000 tons of debris will be generated and it is said that it will take around three months to clean it up. Debris will be dumped in designated areas.

Who will tear down the Supertech Twin Towers?

Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering has been contracted to demolish Supertech’s twin towers in Noida. He is working closely with the Central Building Research Institute and Noida authorities to bring down the towers.

The demolition process will take place under a Rs 100 crore insurance policy. Premium and other costs shall be borne by Supertech. According to reports, the demolition project may cost more than Rs 20 crore, the loss of the towers – skeletal as they were – is estimated at more than Rs 50 crore.

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