Election Changes for Two School Districts by Luke Page

At an April 6 meeting, the San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization approved changes to how school board members are elected for the Chino Valley and Silver Unified School Districts. Valley.

Both districts have issued requests to transition from an “at-large” to a “zone per admin” method.

A general method allows registered voters throughout the jurisdiction to elect candidates to the board of directors.

In a trusteeship election system, council candidates must reside in a specific geographic subarea of ​​the district called the “trusteeship area”, and candidates are elected only by voters in that trusteeship area.

County Superintendent Ted Alejandre commended both districts and the county committee for the actions taken. He recognized the thoughtful work and community input used by Chino Valley and Silver Valley in developing plans best suited to their respective communities.

According to Dennis Mobley, the committee’s acting secretary, the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA) continues to allow an “at large” method of election, although it can be challenged as unfair depending on community circumstances. . Precinct electoral systems are not vulnerable to challenges under the CVRA, which has prompted districts to make the change.

Both districts sought approval from the county committee in time for the next election in November 2022. Public hearings were held ahead of the committee’s unanimous approval of district plans for the two districts.

The 11-member committee addresses school district organizational issues, including possible changes to the number of district commissioners, council area boundaries, school district boundary changes, and unifications.

The San Bernardino County Committee on School District Organization maintains a web page at https://www.sbcss.k12.ca.us/index.php/business-services/business-advisory-services/county-committee.

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