Digital government strategy to make Australia the world’s leading digital government


The Minister of Jobs, Manpower, Skills and Family Business, Stuart Robert, introduced the Morrison government’s plan to become a world-leading digital government in an address to the ‘Australian Information Industry Association, releasing the Digital Government Strategy.

To coordinate this effort, Minister Robert announced a series of new initiatives and a refocus for the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). The government moved the DTA to the central portfolio of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and significantly refocused its mandate to provide the government with the best policy advice, oversight and assurance across the entire digital domain of government.

Minister Robert said he would promote digital acceleration to ensure it relentlessly focuses on people, organizing services around their needs rather than government structures.

“The Digital Government Strategy is a bold strategy that sets Australia’s vision as one of the world’s top three digital governments by 2025 and will have the foundation to maintain this position going forward.”

To achieve this vision, Minister Robert said all Australian government departments and agencies must work together.

“We have to shoot in the same direction, that will be our laser-like target to make sure that happens.”

One of the initiatives led by the DTA is the New Government-Wide Digital and ICT Oversight Framework, which enables the DTA to oversee digital and ICT investments throughout the project lifecycle through increased strategic planning, prioritization, contestability and delivery guarantee.

Likewise, another critical body of work is the Global Government Architecture, which will provide the standards, guidance, products and tools needed to help Australian Public Service agencies design end-to-end digital capabilities.

The government continues to invest in digital platforms that make it easier for people to discover, access and manage government services like the revamped myGov and Digital Identity, which can already be used to access more than 80 government services.

Next week, the government will invite companies to express their interest in accreditation under the Trusted Digital Identity Framework or to participate in the Digital Identity System. By registering their interest, companies will be able to find out how the system could benefit their business and their customers, how and when they can participate in the system, and how they can contribute to the governance and operation of the system.

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