Cloudfare Inc. today announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM Card

Cloudflare, Inc., which strives to improve the security, performance and reliability of the Internet, today announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM Card, the first solution to encrypt every packet of data leaving mobile devices.

Businesses will be able to quickly and securely connect employee devices to Cloudflare’s global network, directly onboard devices to Cloudflare’s Zero Trust Platform, and protect their network and employees no matter where they work. using the Zero Trust SIM card developed by Cloudflare. .

Additionally, Cloudflare will launch Zero Trust for Mobile Operators, a new wireless operator partner program that allows any operator to quickly offer their subscribers a full suite of mobile security features using the Zero Trust Platform. from Cloudflare.

As businesses become more decentralized with remote working and employees bring their own devices (BYOD), it’s harder than ever to ensure that every device employees use is secure. To solve this problem, the majority of organizations use a secure agent, or app, that runs on an employee’s device and helps keep it secure.

Although essential parts of the security stack, endpoint applications and agents can be difficult to scale and may not be able to protect all traffic on all devices. To help bridge this gap, Cloudflare is creating the industry’s first Zero Trust solution to secure employee mobile devices at the SIM card level, protecting every packet of data.

Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM will easily connect to Cloudflare’s full Zero Trust stack to enforce security standards for all traffic exiting the device. Additionally, Zero Trust SIM uses an eSIM (embedded SIM) first approach, allowing SIM cards to be quickly provisioned to iOS and Android devices and locked to a specific device, reducing the risk of swapping risk. SIM card seen by traditional solutions and saving time for security teams.

Cloudflare also today launched the Zero Trust for Mobile Operators program to help organizations secure mobile devices. The objective of the wireless operator’s partner program is to jointly tackle the most difficult performance and security issues related to mobile connections. By merging Cloudflare’s award-winning security tools with the largest mobile networks on the planet, businesses can relax knowing their devices and data are secure without worrying about speed.

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