Change in organizational structure is key to digitization, says Nikolai Beckers, CEO of Bakcell


Bakcell CEO Nikolai Beckers as well as heads of IBM, Wipro, Ericsson, Verizon, Etisalat, Batelco Group, Turk Telecom recently participated in the The Telecoms World Middle East event was held in Dubai.

Nikolai and other renowned telecommunications professionals gathered to discuss collaboration, innovation and overall strategy of the telecommunications ecosystem around the world. Nikolai and Turk Telecom CEO Paul Doany spoke about the current state of the telecommunications industry and the role of digitization and startups in ensuring the future success of this field in the panel dedicated to the digitization of startups , incubation and telecommunications.

“A number of steps are needed to be ready for digitization and industry leaders need to pay particular attention to key and fundamental issues. First of all, consolidation needs to be done, business processes and organizational structure need to be simplified. As you know, traditional telecom operators usually have quite a bureaucratic organizational structure, and it is not easy to apply innovation and digitization in such a structure. The way to solve this problem is to create a separate organization beyond the main organization. This institution must give people the opportunity to freely express their ideas and provide fertile conditions for opening up to experimentation. Bakcell demonstrates this approach through its “AppLab” incubation program, ”said Nicolai.

Since the launch of the AppLab program in 2014, local developers dealing with various hardware and software applications have received support from Bakcell to implement their ideas. Participants in the AppLab project have free access to the Internet, learning tables and rooms, as well as the latest ideas and equipment needed to develop their software and devices.

“Factors such as the freedom and responsibility to use innovations are important. Only if these two elements exist, digitization will also be possible. Traditional telecommunications organizations rely on commands and controls, which hinders the development of innovations. In addition, innovations created by startups need to be integrated into the grassroots organization, which is another important issue for telecom providers around the world to consider, ”added Nicolas.

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