Carta Healthcare launches Semaphore, an integrated development environment enabling healthcare organizations to develop their own data science and AI solutions

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Carta Healthcare®, a provider of solutions for common healthcare data challenges through a combination of people, process and technology, today announced the release of Semaphore, an integrated development environment (IDE) designed for internal teams science organizations to design and deploy custom applications for analyzing and visualizing their data. Powered by Cartographer®, Carta Healthcare’s AI platform, Semaphore has instant access to standardized datasets from all health records across the organization, dramatically reducing time spent collecting data in advance.

“Healthcare organizations need to be able to use the data they have today, today – to improve the quality of patient care, improve operational efficiency, support research initiatives and reduce costs,” said Matt. Hollingsworth, CEO and co-founder of Carta Healthcare. Siled systems, data security requirements to meet patient privacy regulations, and internal approval processes often lead to long delays before new analytics packages are made available to teams who need it. Semaphore takes up this challenge directly.

Semaphore was built in-house by Carta Healthcare’s own data scientists to address the shortcomings of existing off-the-shelf IDEs when used in the healthcare environment. Semaphore offers all the advantages of a traditional IDE, in addition to:

  • Significantly reduce the time and cost of collecting, deploying and maintaining initial data

  • Access to healthcare-specific tools, support from Carta Healthcare data scientists, and out-of-the-box Cartographer capabilities (APIs, OLAP cubes, knowledge graphs, data visualizations, etc.)

  • Allow data scientists to share and reuse code and applications across different projects, which is common in other industries but limited in healthcare due to patient privacy

Semaphore is powered by Cartographer, an AI-based analytics tool that powers Carta Healthcare’s broader product ecosystem. By searching, analyzing and standardizing data from all data sources, Cartographer provides organizations with high-quality data that is immediately usable.

The standardized datasets created by Cartographer are also used by Atlas, Carta Healthcare’s AI-assisted data abstraction solution for submission to clinical registries, and Navigator, a comprehensive analytics tool to solve operational challenges. healthcare routines such as anesthesia and nursing coverage and operating room planning. . Together, Atlas, Semaphore, Navigator and Cartographer enable healthcare organizations to collect, analyze and act on their data.

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About Carta Health

Founded in 2017, Carta Healthcare®’s mission is to improve patient care by harnessing the value of clinical data. With its combination of cutting-edge AI-driven technology and a multidisciplinary team of experts, Carta Healthcare has transformed the traditional process of clinical and operational data abstraction and analysis. The company’s agile and innovative approach to expertise and technology enables healthcare organizations to collect, analyze and act on their data in a fraction of the time. The result is high-quality, accurate, and reliable datasets for use in a healthcare organization’s initiatives to operate more efficiently, optimize care delivery, improve patient outcomes, and enable clinicians to practice at the top. of their license. For more information, visit or contact us at [email protected]

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