Breakthrough PROS Awards Advance B Braun Medical’s Global Business Strategy –

Real-time dynamic pricing provides market-driven and optimized pricing, powering personalized offers to customers worldwide

Seamless integration with Enable rebate management capabilities helps drive competitive and profitable sales

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PROS® (NYSE: PRO), a leading provider of SaaS solutions that optimize buying and selling experiences, today announced that B Braun Medical Inc. (B. Braun) has chosen PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management to advancing its global business strategy by integrating AI-integrated pricing into its strategic initiatives. PROS’ real-time dynamic pricing will provide more visibility into market dynamics, improving how B. Braun forecasts and optimizes pricing to deliver competitive deals and profitably generate revenue on a recurring basis.

Today’s rapidly changing market conditions have perpetuated the need for businesses to quickly and more frequently make personalized, market-relevant price adjustments across all channels to maintain profitable margins and income.

B Braun, a global pharmaceutical and medical device company headquartered in Melsungen, Germany, faced the same problem and selected PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management Advantage to provide the speed and agility to execute adjustments large-scale pricing, allowing them to optimize prices faster and more accurately. With PROS, B. Braun ensures that pricing strategies can be executed consistently around the world while allowing flexibility to adapt by region. This combination of control and flexibility enables sales teams to deliver personalized pricing faster and easier to their customers to ultimately win more business, profitably.

“The ability to deliver effective, real-time pricing that meets our customers’ expectations while improving our margins keeps us ahead of the competition and is a critical part of our overall business strategy,” said B. Braun, Vice President of Healthcare. Strategy and Innovation, Strategic Pricing, Leo Wong. “When reviewing pricing solutions, PROS quickly emerged not just as a technology leader, but as a true pricing expert, with the only solution that could deliver all the functionality we were looking for and integrated seamlessly into our existing technology stack.”

PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management Advantage, part of the PROS Platform, helps companies develop effective omnichannel pricing strategies and drive hassle-free execution at scale, adding accuracy and excellence to their pricing practices. With smart analytics and reporting tools, pricing managers can better align with senior executives and key stakeholders, ensuring informed decisions are made and personalized dynamic pricing is delivered to buyers across all channels.

Within the PROS platform, B. Braun also leverages Enable’s rebate management capabilities. Driven by seamless integration, the combined solution enables off-invoice discount incentives and agreement terms at the time of quote generation, dynamically calculating margins to ensure the most competitive and profitable sale. Together, PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management and Enable provide a comprehensive, end-to-end price and discount management solution that enables B. Braun to maximize the potential of every customer relationship and maintain a competitive advantage.

“Companies that want to stay competitive need to offer market-optimized and highly personalized pricing quickly, frequently, and at scale, taking into account specific requirements such as agreements and discounts,” said Nadine Pyter, vice president PROS products and solutions. “By harnessing the combined power of the PROS platform and Enable rebate management, B. Braun positions itself to consistently lead its market, develop the strongest customer relationships, and provide the most competitive pricing and sales. most profitable across all channels, every time.”

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