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BOSTON, Dec. 17 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ALM Intelligence appointed Boston Advisory Group (BCG) world leader in organizational strategy for the second consecutive year. The latest edition of The ALM Vanguard of Organization Strategy Consulting Suppliers, an annual capacity assessment of the world’s leading consulting firms, found BCG to be number one in terms of capabilities – its ability to deliver results – as well as to provide the greatest impact for its clients in their organizational design efforts.

The highest ranked level of consultants in the study, named as the ALM Vanguard Leader, not only generates the greatest impact for its clients, but also excels in its ability to complete a wide range of projects across all contexts. clients.

BCG achieved the highest composite performance ranking of the 30 companies featured in the study. It achieved the highest rating (“very strong”) in four of the vendor’s nine capabilities (external market intelligence, strategy, management system and activation tools) and the second highest rating (“strong” ) in the remaining five categories (needs assessment, internal knowledge of the customer, operating system, project management and customer capacity development).

New ways of working, such as agility, play a critical role in improving performanceSays Andrew Toma, senior partner and global leader in organizational design and support functions at BCG. “So a fresh and deeper look at organizational design, beyond just structural change, is especially helpful for executives. Organizational overhaul is, Toma adds, “a powerful tool in changing the course of a business,” especially in today’s environment of intensifying competition, changing business models and complex technologies.

Smart design for performance

According to the report, “The beauty of BCG’s approach lies in its ability to support strategic and holistic organizational overhaul projects of any size, scope and scale, as well as across a wide range of cultures. BCG’s smart design for performance, a holistic approach to driving behavior change, is an effective way for businesses to rethink reorganization in today’s environment.

As the report explains, BCG’s “nuanced and in-depth perspective on how organizational context determines behaviors” makes its model “particularly responsive to new and emerging forces that compel organizations to change not just the way they create. value, but also [their] ways of working. ”Intelligent design for performance is based on the company’s commitment to helping customers, equipping them with actions and strategies to model behaviors that help accelerate and embed change in a sustainable manner .

Indeed, as Kevin Kelley, BCG partner and head of software and data products for the company’s People & Organization practice, observes: “Driving large-scale behavior change requires a broader and deeper reorganization. . And as the scope of the reorganization widened, the development of structure and talent solutions and the implementation of associated reorganizations became more complex. The organizational design and data management tools and capabilities that are distributed are essential to avoid common pitfalls and to ensure that companies meet their goals in these difficult projects.

The best activation tools, such as OrgBuilder

BCG was also ranked best in class for its activation tools, described as “a comprehensive portfolio of digital and analytical assets that bring precision to diagnostics, solution design and impact measurement. “. One of them is OrgBuilder, the company’s patented software platform that provides end-to-end reorganization support. OrgBuilder, notes the report, “sets itself apart by providing clients with a single source of truth to track project performance and facilitate change management.”

OrgBuilder offers diagnostic analytics, provides dashboards and reports, and facilitates a company’s ability to select the right talent for the right roles. As Kelley points out, OrgBuilder is unique in three ways: it allows many simultaneous users, it can manage scale and data volumes, and it can be configured and customized to suit each customer’s specific circumstances and needs. . “OrgBuilder is not just a software tool, but an enabling capability, backed by years of expertise, dozens of experts in all regions and skilled delivery resources to ensure customer success throughout the process. end-to-end reorganization. “

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