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BOSTON, Aug.28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is the world’s leading provider of organizational strategy consulting, according to a new report from ALM Intelligence, a leading publisher of market research consulting.

In its latest organizational strategy consulting market study, ALM found that BCG has the most in-depth capabilities and the highest customer impact of any of the 28 companies surveyed. Additionally, ALM has rated BCG as very strong or strong in each of the nine key capabilities, an achievement that no other company can claim. The nine capabilities are Needs Assessment, External Market Knowledge, Internal Customer Knowledge, Strategy, Operating System, Management System, Project Management, Customer Capacity Development, and Tools activation.

Calling BCG one of the few market leaders “unique in their ability to independently execute end-to-end projects across client contexts,” the report, The ALM avant-garde, says the company “combines a nuanced and in-depth perspective on how the holistic organizational context determines behaviors with a strategist’s eye to know which particular levers will produce results that matter.” These attributes pay off particularly for clients who are considering major strategic changes that require rethinking overall ways of working, including using the agile team. This company also stands out for its waterfall, as opposed to the big bang, approach to organizational change.

Grant Freeland, a senior partner of BCG which is the world leader in People and organization practice, said BCG’s approach is rooted in the company’s strategic heritage and a deep tradition of thought leadership. “Our unique ability to link people and organizational issues with the C-suite strategic agenda is a critical part of our differentiation,” he said. “Basically our approach is about changing people’s behavior and instilling new ways of working together.

Other specific comments on BCG in the ALM report:

  • On the philosophy of the board. “BCG’s consulting philosophy reflects the business perspective that behaviors drive business performance, and those behaviors are the product of the prevailing context, including structures, roles, talents, incentives and performance management system. BCG further argues that achieving performance targets in the future will increasingly depend on the ability of companies to cooperate on a large scale and to make and act quickly on decisions rather than amplifying the complexity of the external market. in their organizations.
  • On the provision of services. “BCG’s service delivery is very pragmatic. It… uses a variety of diagnostic tools, including a complexity survey, to identify barriers to achievement [outcomes of interest]. It is a question of quickly seizing the opportunity and identifying a short list of improvement levers on which to concentrate … The firm also supports its service provision with an accreditation program for the training of client personnel within the framework of the objectives of the project.
  • On tools and methodologies. “To support cascade development by customer staff, the company uses its proprietary OrgBuilder tool, which provides consistent data management reporting, real-time analytics, and cloud-based usability for access and large-scale customer collaboration. To instill more collaborative and rapid behaviors, BCG devotes considerable attention to helping its clients adopt new ways of working, particularly through horizontal and cross-functional teams that operate according to agile principles.

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