Association partnerships fuel RentSpree’s aggressive growth strategy

A partnership, through the California Association of Realtors, gives him access to a few hundred thousand agents and realtors who work with rentals. The company also works with the California Regional Multiple Listing Service, which is a multiple listing service for agents and landlords. Recently, RentSpree partnered with the Miami Association of Realtors, the nation’s largest association of local real estate agents and RentSpree’s sixth partnership in Florida. With this agreement, more than 60,000 real estate professionals can access RentSpree’s software platform.

The idea is that larger organizations can amplify RentSpree’s offerings and owners of different groups can choose to sign up. According to Lucarelli, the membership rate through some partners is close to 40% – a level well above typical membership services. . Lucarelli attributes the high numbers to the decision to integrate RentSpree into the platforms of its various partners and to design this with easy-to-access APIs.

“He’s set in a path and a routine that people follow,” Lucarelli said. “It doesn’t require owners to come to our website to do it. They can stay on whatever platform they’re working on – like a multiple sign-up service – and just tick a box, then continue, and we’ll put it all together for them.

APIs and relationships

APIs are a key part of RentSpree’s platform, allowing owners to join the service with minimal effort.

Once in, RentSpree’s technology allows for flexible credit application for potential tenants.

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