Anaconda Appoints Shahz Afzal as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy

Afzal comes from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and brings over 20 years of experience empowering customers and leading growth initiatives

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Anaconda Inc., provider of the world’s most popular data science platform, announced the appointment of Shahz Afzal as senior vice president of marketing and strategy, which comes from the AWS Marketplace division. Afzal leverages over 20 years of experience helping clients find value in technology investments and accelerate go-to-market strategies with cloud services.

As Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Afzal will oversee customer and open source community engagement to support successful collaboration and deployment of Python/R Data Science projects in data centers and cloud. . With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily, data science and machine learning tools have seen rapid adoption by businesses to extract valuable insights, catalyzing digital strategy, speed and scalability. Afzal will lead customer and community engagement designed to help Anaconda users navigate and take advantage of today’s vast amounts of data.

“Data is at the heart of all great companies; Harnessing the meaning behind the numbers empowers these organizations to make decisions and innovate at scale and speed – and Anaconda is making that a reality,” Afzal said. “The convergence of cloud, 5G and IoT is driving massive digital transformation with data as the currency. To unlock value, organizations need a data science platform that continues to innovate and adapt. This is where the power of open source innovation is essential, and Anaconda is well positioned to help every organization drive business results quickly, easily, and securely. We are entering an exciting period of company-wide growth where we will help more organizations find deeper meaning in data science directly and through a growing list of partners.

Afzal most recently served as Global Head of ISVs at AWS, leading go-to-market strategies, data providers, and consulting partners within AWS Marketplace. Prior to AWS, Afzal was vice president of marketing for IBM’s Hybrid Cloud unit, responsible for the cloud transformation of the company’s application development technology stack. Afzal also spent 15 years at Microsoft, where he oversaw several key initiatives to move customers and partners to the cloud during the early days of the company’s cloud services.

“We are delighted to welcome Shahz to the Anaconda team. He has a strong understanding of how to scale and transform organizations with the utmost respect for brand reputation, which will be an incredible asset to Anaconda as we navigate our next phase of business growth. said Angela Pierce, president and chief financial officer of Anaconda. “So far this year, we have continued to build on the momentum of 2021, where we expanded our active user base to more than 25 million individuals in 231 countries and regions, and embraced the global incredibly dynamic in data science.The Shahz integration will help Anaconda continue its efforts to improve data literacy and engagement in the open source community through well-executed marketing initiatives.

In addition to Afzal’s appointment, Anaconda recently welcomed two Python thought leaders, Russell Keith-Magee and Antonio Cuni, to support the company’s trajectory as a data science leader in Python. To learn more about Anaconda and our growing team, visit our careers page.

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