A group of UNL students have now helped 100 people in their fight against cancer

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -A group of UNL students have now helped 100 people in their fight against cancer. Monday marked an important milestone. They donated approximately $ 400 to a Lincoln mother who is battling breast cancer.

The organization, Students Together Against Cancer, was started in 2012 by a UNL student who fought cancer as a child, and wanted to make sure no one was fighting alone. This is the legacy of this student.

This money will help Danielle Afterink provide a Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She is battling breast cancer and is recovering from a double mastectomy. She couldn’t work. That’s why the $ 420 in gift cards she received from Students Together Against Cancer is such a blessing.

“We don’t want people to have to worry about this stuff when they’re already under high stress from the diagnosis,” said Jonah Payne, Students Together Against Cancer.

Danielle is the 100th cancer patient the group has helped.

“I know the members worked really hard and it’s a really good experience to be a part of that experience,” said Sarah Hoagland, Students Together Against Cancer.

Each year, around 30-40 UNL students organize fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds for patients like Danielle.

“We had volleyball tournaments, cornhole tournaments, a winter gala with a varsity touch with Raising Canes,” Hoagland said.

Over the past ten years, they have donated $ 40,000 to 100 Lincoln People undergoing cancer treatment. They have not yet turned down a patient.

“It took nine years and we have a lot more to come, but 100 is a milestone we weren’t expecting,” Payne said.

They said the pandemic had reduced the number of students, making it a bit more difficult to donate. But they don’t abandon those who need it most.

“It’s great to reach 100,” said Payne. “Now we have to do 100 more. ”

If you would like to donate to the group, or if you are a cancer patient in need of support, click here for more details.

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