The power of email marketing with the proven performance

Sometimes we fail to make seemingly obvious connections. Consider these two facts.

First, email marketing is a proven way to generate website traffic, to develop relationships, to spread the message of your brand and–of course–to produce sales. Email marketing is the computer age’s version of direct mail marketing, a strategy that’s been producing results for decades.

The effectiveness of email marketing is best summarized by a saying that’s repeated in the Internet marketing community literally thousands of times every year. “The money is in the list”.

Second, good landing pages are critical to creating desired responses on the Internet. You want to send your visitors to web pages that have been carefully designed to evoke your desired response. In many cases, those landing pages are the heart of the sales process.

And they work. Pages that are custom-tailored to the demographic make up of those who visit them always out-perform more “generic” landing pages.

Those are two facts of business life online. Anyone with experience in online marketing knows that these two strategies are powerhouses on an individual level.

However, for some reason, many people fail to make a connection between them. They don’t build the bridge between these two techniques.

How can you ducktail the power of email marketing with the proven performance of a well-designed landing page? Simple. You build unique landing pages for each of your email campaigns.

Instead of sending traffic to a standard landing page regardless of the exact message you’ve been using in your emails, you can create custom pages that offer a higher degree of synergy with your marketing approach.

You consider the message of your email and you take that message, applying it to a specific landing page built specifically for that campaign. Instead of “dropping off” your visitors at a page that may or may not be wholly consistent with your email, you make the smart move of building a more cohesive sales environment.

The result? Higher conversion levels. You’ll see spike in sales as your prospects experience a seamless transition between the content of your email and the offer embodied in your landing page. That allows you to create a more compelling narrative and to deliver a far more effective sales message than you can otherwise. There are no jarring gaps, no minor inconsistencies in tone or content.

The workload isn’t particularly taxing, either. Whether you’re using a good content management system or a template-driven site, you can whip up custom landing pages relatively easy. While some may necessitate “from scratch” copy or significant revisions, others will only need minor tweaking to work.

Building a bridge between two widely recognized marketing strategies is obvious. It’s logical. And it works. It’s shocking more people don’t do it.