Improving Print Publication Advertising Design

Businesses spend a small fortune on print advertising.  A regular display ad in a metropolitan newspaper can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  Advertisements in high-circulation periodicals can break the bank, too.  Print advertising can be a major investment.

Amazingly, advertisers often fail to produce truly effective ads.  They spend their money on second-rate ads designed by the publisher’s in-house staff after little more than a quick conversation with a sales representative.

When advertisers do take their investment seriously, that usually consists of trying to negotiate better deals on ad space.  In some cases, it involves improving the quality of the ad’s copy. Rarely, however, do those who are placing ads spend enough time or thought on the visual aspect of their promotions.  Larger companies with advertising staffs and expertise may bring the issues to the attention of the publisher.  In most cases, however, consideration of graphics and design do not receive much scrutiny.

That is a real problem, too.  Research clearly indicates that appropriately handled insertion of graphical elements will boost conversions over traditional sales copy.

Likewise, a visually appealing design will attract attention in ways that “the usual” cannot.

If you are part of the great majority who do not spend much time or effort on the actual appearance of your ads, you are spending a great deal of money while settling for second-rate results. Even those who don’t have a good eye for design or who have no idea how to effectively integrate graphics and images into their ads can benefit from improving print publication advertising design in accordance with these recommendations.

That may entail additional discussion with the publisher.  In some cases, it is possible to “get more” out of their in-house teams.  It is more likely, however, that improving the quality of the print advertising will require proactive efforts on the part of the advertiser.  Whether this requires professional assistance or simply an increased effort will depend on the individuals involved.

The bottom line is that advertisers are operating in an incredibly competitive environment.  The old ways of constructing print ads are dying.  Readers expect more and are not attentive to flat work.  Competitors may be aware of this and might be improving their work already.  If you do not put forth the effort necessary to create memorable, attractive advertisements featuring top-notch design and professional graphical elements, you are wasting they money in your print advertising budget.

Make the decision to do better.  You can improve the quality of your print advertising.  Doing so will result in a much better return on your advertising investment.