Graphic Design as a Component of Email Marketing

Most of us almost grasp the value of good graphic design intuitively when businesses apply it to print advertising and other traditional elements of corporate identity. With new Internet-based marketing strategies emerging as necessities, we should recognize the way design can play a role in enhancing virtually any online effort. A perfect example of this is the opportunity to boost email marketing results with the addition of quality graphic design and corporate identity elements.

If you are still thinking of email marketing in terms of black text on a white background, it is time to recalibrate your thinking. Today’s web user is capable of receiving and viewing graphics in his or her email messages and on subsequently reached landing pages. Companies who continue to ignore that reality are incapable of generating a maximum return on their email marketing efforts.

One of the strongest justifications for creating a consistent visual corporate identity is its ability to create greater brand recognition. You want people to know and to remember you and what you offer. Including well-designed graphical components, like your logo, to email provides you with another outlet to reinforce that identity.

Visual business identities also serve to increase the credibility and reputation of the company. They send a message of professionalism, organization and trustworthiness. Inclusion of consistent graphical elements in an email marketing campaign provide businesses with a way to secure this advantage instead of “disappearing” into a plain black and white world where all senders would appear to be on equal footing.

Those rationales for the inclusion of graphical elements in email marketing messages may seem almost theoretical to some. Their effect, however, is nothing of the sort. The recognition and reputation they help to create has a very real bottom line impact.

Email marketing campaigns, like all other marketing messages, are judged eventually by the return produced on investment. Many have discovered that utilizing logos and other aspects of corporate identity in email marketing can produce a significant and measurable increase in sales and conversions. To put it bluntly, using your graphics increases sales.

Are you still trying to compete for attention and sales with emails that appear no different from those from co-workers, family members, phishers and scammers? If so, reconsider your approach. You can utilize proven design techniques and corporate identity elements to create emails that reinforce your brand and that send a clear message of credibility. Successful companies have long recognized the use of these components in other marketing strategies. Technological innovations now allow you to harness their power in the increasingly competitive world of email marketing.